Russia’s Altius-U drone can remain in the air for 24 hours, know its other features

Russia's Altius-U drone can remain in the air for 24 hours

New innovations are being made in the direction of drones, now it has become a different type of weapon and necessity. While the army is using drones for border control and other searches, on the other hand, terrorists are using it for weapons and smuggling of drugs. The drones possessed by each country have different capabilities and characteristics.

Altius-U Drone

Taking steps in this direction, the Russian Defense Ministry has developed a 6-ton Altius-U drone. A few days ago, a video of the first flight of this drone has been posted by the Ministry. The specialty of this drone is that it is capable of staying in the air for more than 24 hours. Looking at it from a distance, it looks like a fighter aircraft, so that the common man can mistake it as a fighter jet, not a drone. This Russian drone is equivalent to the MQ-9 Reaper of America.

A video of this drone has also been posted on YouTube by the Ministry. By watching this one minute and 3 second video, the specialty and size of this drone can be known. During the test, the drone was run over the outstanding runway, then flew in the air for hours. The video shows the drone taking off and landing.

Doing everything well

This test is the final form of this unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), launched by the Ministry of Defense, which launched the Altius-U drone. Several prototype models were built before it was launched. It has been created as a result of their development and testing. It was tested in a fully automatic mode by flying it for 32 minutes at an altitude of 800 meters. During this time all the systems engaged in the drone worked properly.

Able to complete reconnaissance missions

According to the Ministry’s report the drone is capable of performing the entire spectrum of reconnaissance missions using optical, radio engineering and radar. One of its specialties is that it can remain in the air for more than a day. Drones that have been in the air for more than a day have not been tested yet.

These are also special features

Altius-M has a length of about 11.6 meters. At the same time, its wings are up to 28.5 meters in size. At the same time, its maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) ranges from 5000 kg to 7000 kg. In addition, it can carry a load of up to 2000 kg. It can cover a distance of about ten thousand km, flying at a speed of 150 to 250 km per hour. Apart from this, it can fly up to an altitude of 12 thousand meters. It has two RED A03 / V12 diesel engines that give it a power of 500 horsepower during takeoff. Its engines have been manufactured in Germany.

Role of drone found in supplying arms

A few days ago, a case of drones supplying arms from across the border in Tarn Taran area of Punjab, adjacent to Pakistan, came to light. The Punjab Police also recovered some weapons dropped from the drone on the border. The terrorists were also caught after that. In order to avoid the police, the terrorists tried to destroy these drones, but some evidence of that too has been recovered by the police. The terrorists said during interrogation that these weapons have been delivered to them from across the border via drones. After this, the police came to know about the case of supplying weapons from the drone.

Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco Company

Last month, Saudi Aramco Oil Company of Saudi Arabia was attacked by drones and missiles. The oil company suffered a lot from this attack. Since the US also has involvement in this company, it was revealed in the investigation that the plant was also attacked by a drone. Earlier it was being said that the houthi rebels sent a drone and hit the plant directly, causing so much damage to the plant. After this, a new trick of drone attack was revealed.

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