Mayawati yet another time targets the Yogi government for law and order in UP


Mayawati raised questions on law and order in UP, over the fake encounter. Mayawati has again targeted the Yogi government over the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati has raised the issue of fake encounter in the BJP government by tweeting on Thursday. Expressing concern over the continuous incidents in the capital Lucknow, he has instructed the government to pay attention to it.

Mayawati wrote in a tweet that the crime yet continues in Lucknow, the capital of UP. There is a lot of anger and discomfort in public about the fake encounter, and they are raising their voice. The government should immediately pay attention.

Yogi government’s siege on law and order. The state has intensified the siege of the government on the pretext of law and order and Pushpendra Yadav, who was killed in the Jhansi police encounter.

In this sequence, SP President Akhilesh Yadav says that the arrogance of power in the BJP government is now speaking head-on. And also that, she has come down on the whims of the public by taunting her voice.

The government has raised the pyre of justice by performing the last rites of Pushpendra Yadav. The family and the local public were demanding that a murder case be filed against the fake encounter victim; only then the body would be recovered.

Akhilesh said that this attitude of the police was seen not only in the case of Jhansi but also
with Brijpal, who died in custody in Badaun when the police forcibly performed his funeral.

RLD State President Dr Samsoo Ahmed has also alleged that people belonging to a particular category are being targeted in the name of encounter. Congress spokesperson Amarnath Aggarwal said that the CBI investigation of all police encounters during
the BJP rule if done under the supervision of a High Court judge, will lead to the in-depth reality of the whole situation. 

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