Ravi Shankar Prasad rejected the report of slow down in the country, said – movies are earning 120 crores in a day

Ravi Shankar

The report of the slowdown in the country’s economy has been rejected by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. He said in a press conference on Saturday that report (NSSO report on unemployment) is false. I have given you 10 relevant data, none present in the report. We never said that we will give government job to all. Some people tried to mislead in a planned way.

Ravi Shankar Prasad Statement

It has been said that had there been a recession in the country, the three films released on October 2 would not have earned Rs 120 crore. The films have earned so much only because the economy is healthy. He said, I love films. Movies are doing big business.

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Ravi Shankar further said, on October 2, three films were released. Film industry experts have said that these three films did a business of Rs 120 crore on National Holiday. Now that the economy of the country is getting a little right, only then the return of 120 crores rupees is coming in a day.

Ravi Shankar

In the first quarter of the current financial year, the growth rate has reached a six-year low of five per cent. Several major rating agencies of the world including the Reserve Bank have also cut the growth rate estimate for India.

Now we really don’t understand that Ravi Shankar prasad is a union minister or a movies pandit, are we going to track our economic growth based on the reports of financial institutions and economic surveys or based on the movie earning.

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These statements can not be expected from a well educated minister of the country, seems the ruling party do not even know, how to give logical answers to prove their points, in order to justify their points, they are coming with such absurd and non-sense statements.

Ravi Shankar

A similar statement was also given by another MP of the ruling party Pragya Thakur when she said that Congress is using some black magic, after this statement, she was also heavily criticized by the citizens of our country on social media.


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