Why Is India Still A Developing Country?


India is still a developing country and will always remain the same. Even after 72 years of independence and 134 crore population.

India once called “sone ki chidiya” the golden bird is now considered an under-developing country.

Being 7th largest country in the world in terms of area with 3,287,263 sq meter in area and second-largest in terms of population with 134 crore population. India has almost everything in it, making it one of the most productive and rich country.


We have highly fertile land, rain forest, mountains, lakes, sea beaches, dessert. Our land is fertile, which allows us to grow a large number of crops and veggies. We have a vast reservoir of gold, silver, and other precious metals and minerals.

We have even crossed 7 decades of independence and still, we are a developing country. Except for Population, there is nothing in which India has excelled. The situation and condition of India and Indians are getting worst and worst.

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Sometimes it is said that India has a very large land area and thus it is not easy to develop India, some says India has huge population thus it is not easy to develop India, some say India got independence very late, and it is not much of time, India got independence. But the actual facts and reasons are far far away.

Let’s talk about Land Area – Canada, The United States of America, China, Australia etc. are the nations with a much larger area than India and are still developed.

Let’s talk about population, China is much much more populated than India but is still developed.

Let’s talk about the Time of Independence-

Singapore got independence on August 9 1965
Qatar got independence on September 3, 1971
Hong Kong was transferred to China on July 1 1997, after 156 years of British rule.

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Today all these countries are much much more developed than India, as a matter of fact, Singapore and Qatar are the countries having Highest development and GDP in the entire world.

So what makes India still a developing country even after having so much of land area for development, such fertile and productive land, such a large workforce.


It’s We Indians. Yes, We Indians never want India to be developed, and we had been the main reason and cause of Its under-development. At professional grounds, most Indians lack behavioural skills, professional skills, professional communications, attitude towards work and professional ethics and etiquettes. The major reasons we see as of today why India is still a developing country?

1. Lack of professionalism
2. Lack of commitment
3. Lack of time management & punctuality
4. Lack of behavioural skills
5. Lack of communication skills & etiquettes
6. Too much of arrogance and ego
7. Too much of pampering from parents
8. Lack of respect towards others time, energy and efforts.
9. Misuse & Disrespect of the law
10. Lack of Moral Values, Corruption, and un-education.
11. Lack Of creativity & too much copy-paste
12. Lack of risk-taking capabilities and taking initiative
13. Too much of followership and too less leadership

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A country is nothing without its citizens. A country is not a piece of land, mountains, oceans or dessert.
We the people make the country, our thoughts, our views, our efforts, our skills, our struggles, our character makes a nation, makes a country.
We, as the people as the citizen of the country develops the country.


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