PM Modi’s rally in Faridabad, said- how many big decisions my government took in 5 months


With the alarm of Haryana assembly elections ringing, politicians in the electoral battlefield have started gearing up. All the parties are busy campaigning and gathering public support. Under this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his first election rally in Ballabhgarh Sector 61, Faridabad. A large number of people arrived here after 12 noon to see him.

Please note that a large number of women from Faridabad had gathered at the venue hours before the scheduled time of Prime Minister Modi’s arrival. Everyone was excited to see a glimpse of PM Modi, which doubled when Modi arrived.

PM Modi said these things:

  • Taking a dig at the Congress, PM Modi said that they are still scattered, divided into clans. The more they tries to contain themself, the more they falls apart.
  • The PM asked people if you would hand over the command of Haryana to such scattered people.
  • Counting his achievements, he said that it has been only five months, his government was formed again and how many big decisions he took.
  • He said that I am talking about the decision of Article 370. It was the spirit of the whole country, not only of Haryana, that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh be taken out of the path of isolation and violence and taken to the path of progress and development.
  • PM Modi asked that the credit for this decision goes not to Modi but to the people of Ballabhgarh and 130 crore people of the country who gave me their mandate.
  • Those who have trouble with this decision are stung. These people are going abroad and asking for help. They do not sleep. Rats are running in their stomachs. But such people have the different fascination with Articles 370 and 35A, so I call on them today, Do they have courage to go among the people of Haryana and tell that if you win the election, 370 will be brought back.
  • He further said that if someone has the strength to bring back 370, then write in his manifesto that if he wins, he will bring it back.
  • Today India is not divided but united. Development of Haryana is my priority.
  • I want to ask those who mislead the Dalits that no matter how much the son or brother of Valmiki is educated on the land of Jammu and Kashmir, he was not given his right.
  • The government there did not give any work or job to the people of Valmiki society except sweeping, cleaning.
  • In one stroke, removing 370, I ended the pain of four generations.
  • The Congress and parties like them who are shedding crocodile tears should be ashamed.
  • These people had strongly emphasized that the Rafale aircraft agreement should be canceled, the new fighter aircraft should not come, but despite all the efforts of these people, the new aircraft has arrived.
  • No matter how much these people protest, the BJP is committed to protecting the country.
  • It is not acceptable to Modi that even one son of the country should be martyred without ammo and weapons.
  • The country is moving with new forces in the sea to missiles in space.
  • The BJP has given a free hand to the brave sons of the country, who were tied up by the earlier governments.
  • Recall how our army entered Balakot and killed them.
  • These people kept lying in the name of One Rank One Pension.
  • After coming of our government, an arrear of 900 crores has been given in Haryana.
  • Speaking on triple talaq, PM Modi said that earlier people thought what would happen to my sister-daughter if she returned home after triple talaq. The Congress used to keep quiet thinking about Muslims but now Muslim men are happy that their daughter and sister are all safe, because of the triple talaq law.
  • Now the politics of protest and resistance will not work. The country now only wants development. For BJP, its resolution letter is a document of surrender.
  • It was decided to increase the scholarship of the martyred children. Children of police and central forces were also brought into it.
  • Several steps were also taken to strengthen the farmers.
  • During the Lok Sabha elections, we had told you that if the government of Haryana is formed, small traders will be given pension every month. Now I can say that all these resolutions have been proved in such a short time.
  • We also have a thrust for the first time for our working class. A monthly pension of 3,000 after the age of 60 is an example of this.
  • Ayushman Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana and all other schemes are also beneficial for the working class.
  • Haryana 9 lakh toilets have been built and every village in Haryana is open defecation free.
  • We also have a determination to have every Indian own a house by 2022.
  • The way Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme was implemented in Haryana is exemplary.
  • The government here stands shoulder to shoulder with the farmers.
  • Government recruitment in Haryana earlier meant taking bribe from the youth. Many leaders also went to jail in this affair but now this situation has changed.
  • The story of fake and slip was of every household here 5 years ago. But now this situation has changed. Now the youth here do not have to go around anyone for a government job.
  • Development of Haryana is taking place honestly.
  • Transport modes have also been developed here. All kinds of schemes are going on whether expressway or railway line.
  • On 21 October, you have to ensure that Haryana develops with the power of double engine. One engine is for the Modi government in Delhi and the other is to move Haryana by Manohar Sarkar i.e. double engine in Haryana.

The security of the synagogue can be gauged from the fact that the security check up there was a mile long line outside the synagogue for. No one was allowed to come in without a full investigation. Also, no one was allowed to enter with any black clothing at the rally. A man wearing a black shirt was not allowed inside. At the same time, a man had to even take off his black vest before entering.

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