Things you should never do while having sex with your partner


Sex, well the word “sex” in itself is one of the most hyped things in the world. It is something, which everyone wants but is shy to accept that. So now, that we are finally talking about sex, why not discuss some things you should never do while having sex!!!

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

#Things you should never do while having sex

1. Discussing your arguments



Discussing arguments is one of the many things you should never do while having sex. Why?? Well, the answer to this question is simple and straight, why to talk of difficulties, when in party. All we mean to say is, it is not encouraging to talk about past arguments or differences during the intimate time with your partner. Doing this can have a huge impact on the sexual capabilities of your partner and also leave you in an estranged relationship. You want to talk about arguments, take out some time and do that independently without any sex involved. 

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2. Making a comparison of your partner with an ex lover


Imagine your partner discussing about his or her ex lover during sex! well, that definitely hurts!! Why compare someone we have now to someone who was never meant to be. Learn the art of letting go and living in the present. When I say, that discussing of ex-lovers do shadow over healthy relationships, you got to trust me on that. Making such a comparison will only make things complicated for you and yes, less of sex too shall be counted in teh results. 

3. Faking an orgasm

Well, another most of the common things you should never do while having sex is faking an orgasm. Okay, we get it that orgasm of a women is still a huge unsolved mystery! But, still, a simple question to the readers who are guilty of doing this, for how much time will you be able to fake it? The truth is gonna find its way out someday or the other and we assume that this will not be a positive surprise with your partner. Rather, open about the things you want to explore with your partner. 

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4. Distracted during the whole intimacy act


If a sex could be enjoyed in the silent doors, then it would have been a completely different story. However, what I as the author of this article want to suggest is, that one should only engage in any kind of sexual activity if he or she is not having any other distractions at the moment which can include, job stress, guilt or some other. 

5. Treating sex as a porn movie


well, last but definitely not the least, another one of the most important things you should never do while in bed with your partner is treating sex like a porn movie. This is because, both the things are wide apart. You can always enjoy a spicy wild or sweet vanilla sex with your partner but only after both of you have mutually consented it. 

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Well, coming to speak, there are number of things you should never do while having sex and things you you should definitely do. If you want to know more, then keep reading Swarnim Times for more such updates. 


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