5 Things Men Do To Make Women Feel Insecure Of Them


If you think that women are very hard to please, then you are absolutely wrong. Its just simple gestures, which can make woman trust the love you have for her. Nothing more can please a women than showing extra care, giving her more time and attention. Yes, expressing love is never about buying her expensive presents or jewelry. There are many times, that a woman has everything from their husbands  except the much needed love and care. Today our article is all about the 5 things men do to make women feel insecure. 

5 Things Men Do To Make Women Feel Insecure

1. Telling obvious lies will always make her insecure

May be that evening after your office, all you did was, head straight to your friend’s house. But you choose to make an excuse of an office meeting. Well, at that point of time, you thought, it kept you safe. However, such small lies contribute to the doubt in the relationship. All you had to do it, tell her the truth and it wouldn’t have harmed you much. 

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2. Not paying attention to her texts


No gentlemen likes to keep his girl waiting. Okay, we understand that when you have a job, you cannot afford to reply to her texts right away. However, you can reply to her messages once you are free, especially when you are out of the town. Men would never know that a single message from you can make her whole day wonderful. 

3. Ignoring her during the parties


The next one of the most common things men do to make her feel insecure in the relationship is ignoring her in the gatherings and parties. If you love, her then flaunt her too, tell the world she is yours! When I say that doing this will make her happier than getting diamonds for her, you should definitely trust me on this. 

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4. Not asking her for an advice 

There are some decisions which are yours to make and only yours, but involving her in the discussion will also make her fall for your more. Therefore, ask her for the advice as this will make her feel that she is important in your life. 

5. Stop hiding your past relationships


Hiding the truth about the past relationships will only contribute in making your life tough. We all are adults here and your partner will definitely understand your past. Therefore, it is always better to share the truth of your past relationships with your partner. 

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Now that you have read everything in detail about the 5 things men do which make women insecure, all you have to do is avoid them. We all should understand that there is no greater joy to love and to be loved. 

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