Stop yourself from doing these 5 stupid things after breakup


Did you just broke up with your partner? Are you having a tough time dealing with it? Do you really miss your partner? Well, if this is the situation then read on. Today we will be discussing 5 stupid things one should never do after breakup. We get it, its a difficult time in your life, but you have to move on. We also know that moving on just don’t happen in a day, it will take time but yes, you have to start healing immediately. 

Now that you are still scrolling through the article, we have full faith that you are suffering from a serious heart break. It is absolutely normal to be heart broken, what is not normal is that you still expecting something which is now broken. Now, read carefully what things you should never do after your breakup!!!!

5 Stupid things you should stop yourself from after breakup

1. Crying after every 30 minutes

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Yes, we get it that you have been hurt but nothing good will happen if you keep crying every 30 minutes. No, we are not saying that you should hold up your feelings inside, we want you to let out. However, the only difference is we want you to let it all out at once. Later, when you are finished, there is no going back to the same. It is said that if you cannot laugh at the same joke every time, then stop crying every time for same reason. Therefore, it can be said that crying after every 30 minutes is one thing which one should not do after breakup. 

2. Calling you ex


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No matter how desperate you are to listen the voice of your ex, do not call him or her. We hope that you don’t want to be looked as a desperate one begging for attention. Have some dignity and self-respect. You should respect the decision or which you had broken up and now stick to that. One should simply understand, that there is not point of turning back to the platform, where a train will never come back again. Try to be happy and move on with life because, it will go on. You have to catch the pace. 

3. Refrain yourself from random one-night stands

Random one-night stand is one of the most common things which happens after breakup and you need to avoid that. No, we are not stopping you from moving on in life or stop meeting new people. All we are saying is that stop carrying the baggage of the failed relationship along with you. Do not let the things you do in the present be ruled by your past. 

4. Don’t let the drinks get over you


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The reason we are asking you to not let the drink get over you is because, one day you will wake up from the after breakup mourn just to see what all you lost for a person who doesn’t even bother. Therefore, keep control of your life even at times when everything is falling apart. 

 5. Do not become a workaholic 

It is good to channelize your energy in a positive and a constructive direction, but it does not mean that you will not take out time from work. Excess of everything is bad, even work. After breakup, it doesn’t mean that you will stop spending time with your friends or family. It is because, at the end, it was only them, who stood beside you. 

Now that you have read about what not to do after a breakup, we wish you a healthy and steady recovery from your breakup. 

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