After proving its importance in almost every industry, AI is now up for Ayurveda.


Be it showing easy routes through GPS, helping in finding the best restaurants, recommending us what to buy, the next movie show, etc, AI has made its mark everywhere.

While this technology has proved to be a great support in making things easier by reducing the workload of humans, its contribution to Ayurveda is worth knowing. It is believed that the Ayurveda and AI are the two sides of a coin but this is not true and it is proved.

Ayurveda has been practiced since 5000 yrs old and have become the reason for the drastic changes in our lifestyles and dietary patterns. To fight against unwanted aging and other factors that affect beauty has helped Ayurveda to become more famous.

To help Ayurveda in this advance era, AI has proven to be quite helpful. Due to its powerful and accurate calculation of beauty using biometrics and analysis of data, it can change or enhance the appeal of a person and make it look more beautiful. Combining scientific know-how of AI with Ayurveda to create highly personalized products, Ayurveda cosmetic manufacturers are taking Ayurveda to the next level.

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Ayurveda believes in holistic beauty and health. The scientist has pondered on the Ayurvedic ingredients to create a database and divide them into different categories such as i.e. the doshas and the combinations of doshas. This helps AI algorithms along with Ayurveda to identify the Doshas and enable the selection of appropriate Ayurvedic beauty or wellness products easily.

AI is known to provide a wide range of capabilities and businesses to the digital world. This approach is helping many brands dealing in this Ayurveda-AI combo to attract online shoppers.  Although AI has made it possible to create personalized beauty products and rapidly catching up with the trend, Chatbots are being deployed to answer queries from customers that help in understanding the customer’s preference and providing them the appropriate product. When these products suffice the needs of individual beauty, brand awareness increases leading to increased outcomes in the form of increased sales.

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What do experts say?

According to Shahnaz Husain, Founder, Chairperson & Managing Director, Shahnaz Husain Group, “Ayurvedic doctors believe that the Prakriti has an effect on our ailments and also influences the methods that are selected for recovery. Scientists have also studied the molecules of Ayurvedic ingredients to create databases and relate them to the different categories of “Prakriti” – i.e. the doshas and the combinations of doshas. Ayurvedic data can be fed into computer programs to help identify the “Dosha” or “Prakriti” and allow selection of Ayurvedic medicines or beauty products accordingly. It would also help Beauty and Wellness companies to manufacture customized products.”

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A research report from Accenture even stated that AI has the potential to boost profitability rates for businesses – including those in the beauty industry – by an average of 38 percent by 2035.

AI –the future of Advance Ayurveda

AI is known to create the best creations to ease the human workload in a fraction of seconds. Drones, robots, Alexa from Amazon and many more are examples. Ayur veda along with AI is entering a new era of Ayurintelligence. Based on data from tests, diagnostics, chatbot interactions, and other ways, implementing this unmatchable AI-Ayur veda combo is proving to be a fanatic approach in the Ayur veda industry.


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