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BizMonk Global Advisors Private Limited is a global powerhouse providing business growth advisory and immigration advisory services. The company has its head office in New Delhi, India. BizMonk ignites growth revolutions and it is a group of radical people who have founded and scaled companies in various sectors around the world. Basically BizMonk are advisors, mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, futurists, and together we develop growth potential across companies.

The team working at BizMonk comprises of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, and MBA’s from top-notch universities. This company has successfully advised businesses and brands of all sizes, from rocket-fueled startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Complete story about BizMonk Global Advisers, from the company itself!

How and why was this venture started?

Every individual requires a Monk for enlightenment and progress in his/her life. Similarly, every business also needs a BizMonk to prosper in its life cycle. This idea led to the birth of BizMonk Global Advisors Private Limited.

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A business has primarily 4 phases in its life cycle- Startup Phase, Growth Phase, Expansion Phase, and Maturity Phase. The team of BizMonks, with an average experience of 20+ years, is dedicated towards the cause of bringing growth and prosperity in your business irrespective of the phase of the business life cycle you are in.  BizMonk believes every business deserves to grow and contribute towards its economy, and thus, it will be great to bring transparency, evidence-based advice to help the clients to realize their dreams.

How have you met your first team members?

Well, that’s quite interesting. After conceiving the idea of BizMonk, I first discussed it with my Ex-employer, with whom I have worked for a considerable time in the past. Mr. Vinay Kumar Gupta is a veteran professional with 25 years of experience. When I explained to him the concept of BizMonk, he appreciated it and gave his blessings. I quickly jumped on and asked him if he wants to become co-founder, as I believed he could be instrumental in grooming this company. And that’s how I got my Co-founder.

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What innovation and evolution you have brought in the country through your startup?


We are trying to bring digital transformation in the way business is run in India. Developed countries are digitizing their business operations, which are allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate on the core areas, and the rest of the routine process is taken care of by automation. We assist entrepreneurs in selecting the best way to digitize their operations. BizMonk makes the transition process even cushier.

What difference your startup is making in our society?

We are leveraging our international work experiences and Indian government policies to assist the business in developing and stimulate the business ecosystem in India. We are nurturing entrepreneurship culture in India. Two of our specific areas are Startup Mentoring and Overseas Investment in India.


Startup Mentoring – In the era of globalization, entrepreneurship is the need of the hour. We know there are many who possessing breakthrough ideas are, but due to lack of knowledge about business commercials, financial, legal, and taxation aspects of starting/running a business, they step back. BizMonk Global Advisors is an advisory firm dedicated to assist budding entrepreneurs launch and grow new ventures into successful business empires

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Overseas investment in India – Due to the booming economy and vast pool of English speaking inexpensive skilled professionals, India is gaining importance in the global market as an attractive business destination. The present government in India is leaving no stone unturned to improve the business environment in India continuously. The efforts are being globally recognized, and it is evidenced by the fact that currently, India is amongst the top 10 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destinations in the world, and its ranking in Ease of doing index is continuously improving.

In light of this background, we expect more FDI inflows in India as it is being looked at as a preferred investment destination and a good place to do business globally. With high stakes involved in for a foreign entity to invest, operate, and maintain a business in India, there is a need for professional experts who can provide the right advice at the right time. We, at BizMonk Global Advisors, have a team of professionals from diversified domain that can provide expert advice to foreign entrepreneurs to establish their footprint in India.

How are you different from other startups in a similar domain?

We are not just consultants; we are entrepreneurs ourselves first. So, we know the pain points of the business, and we offer customized solutions to address those pain points. Believe us; this is not said just for the sake of saying. We have successfully advised many national and international clients and have delivered operational efficiencies and helped businesses thrive.


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