Negative Effects of Divorce on Children every Parents Should Know


Gone are the days when sticking to your spouse for the sake of the well-being of your children was considered the right things to do. However, it is still the fact that there are many negative effects of divorce on children. If you are a parents who is divorced or is planning to separate from your partner, then read on!

Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

These days, it seems that Indian couples have too seem to understand that it is not a smart solution to stay together in an unhappy marriage for your children. Yes, that’s why day by day divorce rate in India is also increasing. However, India still is one among the countries having lowest rate of divorce. Divorce brings along lot of stress, tension, anxiety and feeling of emotional discomfort for children. Today’s article is all about the negative effects of divorce on children. 

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A new normal 

Yes, you have to agree that once the divorce is done, everything changes rapidly. Children will now have to adjust to having two homes and at times also deal with the partners of their now separated parents. The psychologists have also reported that sometimes, children adapt to such situations easily, but some fall into depression. 

Insecurity of loosing their parents

Another one of the most common types of negative effects of divorce on children is that they begin to dear that they will loose one of their parents. It is because, they start to live with one parent at a time. This makes them think, that their parents will stop needing them because of such new dynamics in the life. 

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Impact their studies 


Yes, you have read it absolutely right, with such new things happening in children’s life, their studies can definitely be hampered. This is because, if a child will not be in peace with mind, then how will he or she concentrate on the studies. The grades will eventually drop. At times, there are parents who start relying on their for their emotional needs because, they are not able to accept the fact that their partner has abandoned him or her. 

Lose faith in marriage

This seems to happen a lot with children who have seen their parents divorcing each other. Some choose tor remarry while some stay a single parents. All these behaviors and activities of divorced parents can make children loose faith in the institution called marriage. 

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Children fall into depression

The last but definitely not the least, another one of many negative effects of divorce on children is that they can fall into depression. It happens when children are not able to accept the fact that their parents are not together anymore. All the things which seemed normal little while back is no more normal. 

Now that you have read about the negative impacts that a divorce can have on children, it is advised that parents should also take their children for the counselling sessions along with them, so that their life doesn’t face as many challenges and depression. 


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