8 definite signs that she wants to be your girlfriend- you should not miss


When it comes to girls, we all can agree to the fact that they can be very unpredictable at times, and when it is about hiding their emotional feelings, no one can defeat them. Therefore, most of the men fail to understand the true feelings women have for them and later fall into the pit of regret and guilt. However, we do not want our readers to do that anymore. Therefore, we bring them the list of 8 signs that she wants to be your girlfriend.

Signs, you will regret why you missed it before!!


Is she leaning on you very often?

Well, if your answer will be yes, then our answer is that it can be one of many signs that she wants to be your girlfriend. Many psychological and relationship experts have given importance to this type of behavior. Now how do you know if she is leaning? It can be while having a conversation with her; she leans more close to you to pretend she is listening to the conversation more attentively. This is her way of showing her love for you.

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She will start expecting more from you

Yes, the next most common thing which women do to show that she is in love with you is that she will start expecting more and more from you. For example, you made a commitment to take her out for dinner, and somehow, you were not able to do so because of your work commitments. Then, she will definitely press this argument against you, saying that you should have stayed on your words.


She is possessive

Did that confirming grin just slip out from the corner of your mouth? If yes, then it is probably the time for you to celebrate. This is because the research studies have shown that females are only possessive about the things and people they love.

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She wants to be your girlfriend if you are getting many nicknames from her

It is very common for people to give nicknames to people if they adore you very much. Therefore, if you find a friend of yours giving you nicknames, then there’s probably a chance that she loves you.

She often forgets her things with you

The next sign which shows that she wants to be your girlfriend is that she often leaves her things behind with you, in your car or in your house. This is because she wants reasons for coming to meet you again, or just so you can miss her seeing her things around you.

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You both will have lots of accidental touches

This happens when a girl is falling in love with you. Notice that whenever you are around her, she will always look for ways in which she can touch you or be more close to you physically.

She wants to know more about your family

You may be wondering what this has to do with signs that she wants to be with you. But it has. When a girl falls in love with a person, she wants to know everything about him and the family from which he comes. So, notice when she does that because there may be a chance that she is dropping the signs that she wants to be your girlfriend.

She will always include in all her plans

Last but not the least, another sign that she wants to be your girlfriend is that she always includes you in all her plans. Be it a shopping day in the market or chilling with friends. This usually happens when you become important to someone.


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