California forest fire, 50 thousand people ordered to leave home


The fire in California’s forests has spread over 5,000 acres. Actually, about 65 km far away from Los Angeles, there was a fire on Monday in Santa Clarita. The news agency reported that 500 houses have been burnt so far. Many have been damaged.

On Friday, officials said that a woman Virginia Pesola resident of Santa Paula (70), died. This is the first death due to fire. As a precaution, the fire department has ordered 50,000 people to evacuate.

Horse died of suffocation in stables

Earlier on Thursday night, several horses died of suffocation due to the fire that broke out in the San Diego stables while some were rescued on time. 1000 workers, 500 fire vehicles, air tankers and helicopters are being used to extinguish the fire.

Wind speed may increase on Sunday

According to the forecast by the National Weather Service, strong winds are likely to subside by late evening on Friday. However, by Sunday its speed may increase. Wild bushes on Wednesday erupted in a wine country in Northern California. The fire later spread to 16,000 acres, after which 2000 people were ordered to evacuate the house.

Power supply of millions of consumers affected

Electricity companies in the northern part of California have stopped supplying electricity to about 1,80,000 consumers. Companies have warned that power cuts can be increased to reduce the risk of accidental and fire outbreaks.

County Sheriff Mark Essick Consoled People

Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick said, “Two years ago, the fire devastated our community. It is a stressful and worrying time for a lot of people after the fire. ”In 2017-18, there was a fire in the area, killing over 100 people.

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