Five signs visible during lack of nutrition


New Delhi: Healthy Food: Our body needs to have right and nutritious foods to stay fit. Even if we eat homemade food every day, there are many types of shortcomings in the body. This often happens to people who are choosy about food. Every vegetable, fruit and dry fruit has different characteristics, so every type of food should be eaten.

The body needs nutrition from vitamins to minerals, calcium and potassium to stay healthy. If they are deficient, then there are many types of problems in your body. Also, due to lack of proper nutrition, diseases are also vulnerable.

However, often we unconsciously ignore such food items which are very important for health. Which does not have an immediate effect but the problem starts to increase with age. Therefore, today I will tell you about such signs, which can be understood easily and also if you skip the necessary nutrition what you are going to lose.

  1. If you have bad breath, then it shows that your food is not right. When your body does not get enough glucose for energy, it starts using the fat already stored in the body. This causes an acid called ketones in your body, due to which the breath smells.
  2. Cuts and cracks around the mouth point towards your poor eating. In most cases, such problems result from iron deficiency. Foods like spinach, beans and red meat are rich in iron, so be sure to include it in food.
  3. If you get tired sooner than others or you feel tired all the time, then understand that your body is deficient in iron. Oxygen is not supplied in the right amount in its body. Add iron items to the diet.
  4. Dry and lifeless hair is also due to lack of nutrition in the diet. This problem is due to the lack of iron in food as well as vitamin-C and Folex acids. This causes hair to become weak and dry.
  5. If you suffer from constipation, it also shows lack of proper diet. Fiber and water are both very important for your body. This makes the stomach and digestive system work properly. If it is deficient, then there is constipation problem. Include almond and fiber items in the diet.

Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Vitamins, Minerals, Water. We should eat food in such a way that our diet contains balanced amounts of all these elements. A balanced diet will be one that contains more carbohydrates, moderate protein and a little lipid.

The reason for taking the diet in this way is that our body is made up of more protein and carbohydrates or some lipids; That is, food should be taken according to this distribution. Because 70% of our body is made up of protein, carbohydrates mainly provide energy and lipids maintain smoothness in our body.

Examples of carbohydrates: bread, rice, grains, sugar, etc.

Examples of proteins: eggs, cheese, milk, fish, meat, etc.

Examples of lipids: milk, ghee, sweet foods, etc.

Apart from all these, we should also take milk in plenty, because milk contains abundant amount of all nutrients. Vitamins also have their own importance, a nutrient that is found in almost all foods, but in small amounts; but even a slight lack of them can cause diseases in the body. So choose what you should eat.

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