Bank card details of nearly 13 lakh Indians being sold on Dark Web, Most significant cyber theft of the year

Dark Web

New Delhi: About 13 lakh Indian bank customers’ debit and credit cards data is being reported stolen. Cyber criminals have put this data on Dark Web for sale for around $ 130 million. According to ZD Net, the information for these payment cards is available on the Joker Stash. Joker’s Stash is one of the oldest card shops on the Dark Web. Cards Web is a place where a large number of hackers sell details of cards.

dark web

Researchers at IBA Group’s Cyber ​​Security have traced the listings of Indian cardholders on the dark web to 21:39:3921:39:40.

Joker’s Stash advertised it with the title “INDIA-MIX-NEW-01”. These debit and credit cards kept for sale belong to many Indian banks, and the price here is about 100 dollars (about 7 thousand rupees) each. This is the first time in the last few years that such a large number of cards are being sold.

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“According to data analysts, these card details have been stolen by installing the skimming device in an ATM or POS system.” The stolen information from Dark Web also includes Track-2 data, which is in the magnetic layer of the payment card. This data contains all the details of the customer’s profile and transaction. At the same time, Track-1 data contains only the card number.

dark web

The criminals who are buying this data from the Joker Stash, use this data to create a valid card and then withdraw money from the ATM. Significantly, in February, card details of 2.15 million Americans were put up for sale on the Joker Stash.

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dark web

The news of the theft of bank card details is a matter of concern for any cardholder. According to experts, customers should avoid placing large amounts of money in the bank account transacting with the card. According to experts, if there is any unknown transaction from the customer’s card, then the police and the bank should be informed immediately.


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