YuTu Electronics: A Smart Lock Company


All you should know about YuTu electronics

YuTu Electronics Pvt Ltd provides GPS enabled IOT Smart locks with cloud platform for Logistics Transportation Security. Their aim is to provide dependable, safe, traceable, real-time monitoring and remote operations. Further, there mission is to bring in the market unique and cost-effective lock for commercial establishments and households so that they can even have a remote access of their valuables. Office of the company is located in Bangalore.

Problem YuTu is solving

Pilferage is the most burning issue faced by logistics companies. 85% of loss due to pilferage happens in transit and overall USD 60 billion is lost every year. Energy (petrol, diesel & Gas), electronic gadgets, fashion industries are the biggest victim of pilferage issue.

The target audiences of YuTu electronics are:

  • Logistics companies

  • FMCG’s (HLL, Emami etc)

  • E-commerce (Flipkart, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Urban Ladder, Pepper fry)

  • Retail and manufacturing industry require a secure logistics system

  • Tank Trucks: Petrol & Diesel, Chemicals, Milk, Liquor

  • Telecom Companies (Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, Jio)

  • Temples: Donation Boxes

  • Banks: Main door, Locker room, Money chests

Unique and Different from other similar service provider

YuTu solution combines vehicle tracking with lock operations monitoring to fool proof the system to remove pilferage and theft during transportation of goods. The mechanical padlocks used for the transportation security are the major cause of pilferage and theft during transit. There is no way it can be found who, when & where the lock has been opened. But then “Lock meets internet” and the situation changed drastically.

YuKee smart lock provides enhanced security which was never even thought of. Each operation has a unique encrypted digital key which is accessed after several authorizations which makes it even more secure.

Distinguished Features:

  • GPS based lock for accurate tracking

  • Remote operations

  • Complete trip management

  • Multiple destination support in single trip

  • Real-time tamper alert management

  • Multi-modal authorization for each unlock

  • Access control system

  • Audit trail for future analysis

Collaboration and Funding’s

YuTu is bootstrapped and ready with the product and solution. Currently doing POC with few companies in Bangalore and Delhi and now they are looking for funding for mass manufacturing and deployments.

Know About the people behind the idea

Abhishek Srivastava is Founder and CEO of YuTu Electronics Pvt Ltd and is a specialist in Developing hardware and software products and Business Solutions using latest technologies. He has an extensive experience in creating secure platform solution and has worked with largest OEMs and launched several products in different geographies. He has done his graduation in B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT-BHU

The other key person is Amit Didwania who is Founder and CTO of the company and has an extensive experience in creating state of art scalable, modular, user friendly and commercial software platforms. He is an exceptional technical leader with strong Business Acumen and has worked with top chip companies and launched several products. He too has done his graduation in B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT-BHU.

The way ahead

YuTu has plan to reach their target audience companies in India as well as launch their product & solution in few other countries where logistics companies are facing huge pilferage issue.

Additionally, they also plan to launch variety of Bluetooth and Fingerprint based smart locks for daily chores of life to provide enhanced security and convenience of usage without worrying of the keys.

Study estimates the need to 135 million smart locks in next 3-4 years, which itself defines the huge demand of smart locks in the world.

 Rewards and Recognition

YuTu for their great initiative and unique idea has been recognised at different platforms:

  1. Western Digital recognized them as Top 10 Innovative companies

  2. ASSOCHAM selected them as Top 50 ICT start-ups

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