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All you should know about Queasy

Queasy creates fine food for their customer’s well-being which constitutes medicinal properties as well as nutritional benefits. QUEASY, a father-son owned online business portal dedicated to sourcing, manufacturing and supplying the highest quality Nuts, Nut, Dried Fruit, spices and Grains, Health Foods, Confectionery, Snack Foods and Spices. Their outmost zeal for delectable flavour, unique aromas, exotic spices and distinctive textures is what motivates the team of Queasy to stand on their commitment of supplying assured quality of products at their customer’s doorstep.

The Team at Queasy is engaged in every aspect of the consumers daily need from ordering to delivery, ensuring a personalized touch, and gives a quintessential level of service to the people. Thus they believe in “SHOP SMART SHOP QUEASY”.

History of Queasy

It is a family business which is around 30-year-old; it began with their forefathers, then their father and the current owners are the 3rd generations to carry forward the legacy. In the era of digitalization where every business needs an online portal to drive their profit in order to make sales, they believe that their team has the skills to handle the immortal world of digital that will never die and help to create huge traffic once it is channelized in the right manner. Their mission is to take their website to the next level of personalized shopping.  

What makes Queasy different from similar run business 

There is a list of detailed features of their products and the benefits it beholds so that it continues to motivate them, and inspire the customers to keep shopping from their website without any hustle and doubts. All the products that are displayed in the site are promoted with pure honesty and fairness, without making any false or misleading claims. Their products speak on behalf of the company with transparent packaging, so the quality and quantity of the product inside is clearly visible. Some important features here listed below: 

  • Their no minimum order value. For the order above Rs.1000, they provide free delivery, below the respective order there is a nominal amount of Rs.50 will be charged.
  • Premium quality packaging which is well-preserved, spill-free and efficiently packed dry fruits which last for up to 6 months and more.
  • The team of queasy always cares for the feasibility and convenience of their customers; hence, they provide COD facility to make shopping easy and fun. Just place your order and pay once it reaches your doorstep.
  • There are no additional or hidden charges apart from delivery charge. Queasy follows a very transparent and simple policy.
  • One of the most important benefits a customer can vouch on is that they give a 10% discount to every product. Thus it facilitates a deal which gives a value for money and saves time.

Making it easy for the people

Queasy was always in search of advertising their dry fruit time wholesale to the next level through the online portal of Queasy. It took them some time to understand the digital setup. They have very carefully followed the guidelines that have been put across by Dr. Vivek (mentor) who is responsible for creating the content and sources for their venture. There are loads of people who buy dry fruits but don’t have the first clue about where to buy and how to reach the exact places as it’s a time-consuming process or struggle with maintaining a budget thus they came up with Queasy where people can buy premium quality nuts at a reasonable price at your doorstep.

Benefits for the customers

Queasy requests the buyer to check the products while accepting it at the time of delivery. In case they are not satisfied with the quality of the products, they do accept the return of those products to their Delivery Expert in a specific period of time.

  • Refund– In case of postpaid order, the customer will be required to pay the adjusted amount only for the products accepted by them. In case of prepaid orders, request for refund will be initiated, and cash will be credited into their Dryfruit Express online account, which can be redeemed while placing orders the next time.
  • Discount- In case the customer wishes to place a bulk order, they will analyze the requirements and give the best rates.
  • Invoice– Invoice is provided on the delivery of the products. A user can also login to their Account and view the invoice on their order in the My Orders section.

Vision of Queasy

With a vision to provide an approachable marketplace for the vendors, director Rakesh Kumar Dubey laid the foundation of this new project by imbibing his expertise of business domain along with acquaintance of market dynamics. His son Sagar Dubey (CEO) further strengthened the core with his innovative ideas and productive marketing tactics to attract vendors from all part of the sphere. The team aims at creating a streamlined yet extensive marketplace for the vendors where they can seamlessly sell their products to distinctive demographics.

Additionally, the vision of Queasy is to become the most trusted and iconic manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of the finest quality products, bringing fine health and extravagance to your lifestyle. Sagar Dubey who is currently taking the business forward says that his real idol is his father and grandfather who have successfully ventured the offline Wholesale store of Dry fruits & Herbs and Spices which is located in Asia’s Biggest Market Khari Baoli. Apart from them, the team highly admire Dr. Vivek Bindra, a motivational speaker, leadership trainer and a business Coach. His encouraging and empowering speeches has helped them to realize their true potential.

Running a website in Digital marketing requires high technological expertise. But, it’s not just entirely about technology. In order to survive in the industry, the only approach that works out well is unique and customized in digital marketing. Thus, it is the only way to get a platform that generates more revenue or traffic through the website.

It requires a lot of patience, and hard work to be sustained in the world of digitalization, selling dry fruits at our wholesale shop and through online process is not the same deal rather a whole next level of genre.

Reason for their success

The team of queasy was pretty sure about taking the business to the digital heights as it has become the need of the hour. Start of an online business is really expensive. As it has to convert visitors into customers. How they go with the work:

  • They dry fruits and herbs through pictures and customers that buy those ones online have never seen the product. Thus, they wish to examine things from every angle on their screen. Queasy makes sure the images are clean and clear, comes across compelling. That’s how they convince the customers to spend their money on their site and become a Queasy happy customer.
  •  People usually won’t shop with those whose return policy is designed to denote them from returning things; thus, they offer a generous return policy and managing the cost of those returns.
  •  Good reviews will increase the chance of a sale. Buying online is a matter of trust, particularly for new customers. They want to know that help is available, and they need reassurance that they won’t be neglected if they face any problem. Hence, Queasy provides transparent and user-friendly services.


Working Model of Queasy

Queasy set up is based on commission revenue earning model; it is a type of transactional revenue model, where the vendor charges commission for every transaction/product sale channelized between our customer and vendor. People might be aware of it as it is the most common revenue-earning method among the online portal.

All startups begin from somewhere, and more often than not, it is with a “coming soon” page. Right from beginning the company had a stringent quality process that ensures only authentic products being showcased and working on to build a reliable shopping portal for the consumers. Today, buyers can shop from a wide range of products and get them delivered hassle-free. Queasy has partnered with leading shipment companies that render secure and speedy delivery. With some luck along the way and extreme hard work of our team, they managed to take a simple idea to a cashflow-positive business with over lakhs clients world-wide, online traffic and dedicated co-workers. To reach this point, the team has monitored each & every feedback and henceforth extended their experiences and insights.

The way ahead

Queasy would like to do more research on traffics and revenue sourcing if necessary. They aim to build and empower vendors by providing a stable and globally recognized marketplace where they can showcase their products, hassle-free and extract prolific opportunities to expand their horizons. The company further envisions providing a digital shopping platform offering a seamless online shopping experience to the customers. Grow the business to the next level with a future turnover of 1000cr that will give the bootstrap to the business itself.

People at Queasy has always been passionate & enthusiastic about the journey from developing the idea for the startup to the process of revenue-generating business. They are well aware for the fact that every business to get success needs a lot of capital that goes into especially when it’s about digital marketing which is pretty expensive deals that run on a fuel named capital. That’s why, at almost every stage of their business, they often find asking – “How much do we finance my digital startup?”

Finance and funding

Queasy is more into Self-funding, also known as bootstrapping, a delegated way of building capital, especially when you are just starting your business. When they began, they had a little trouble in getting funds because they didn’t have any potential success plan initially. Their investment comes from their own savings or the family business, and they are taking to the next level to approx. of 1cr investment.

They often find themselves so excited by the idea of the startup that excitement & emotions overpower their practical objective to perspective real things. One has to stop them, adequately assess it, and do intensive market research before making financial developments. In the course of the research for the fund’s utilization, one has to understand whether the idea will change something and become valuable to the business. Is it worth it? Then take a business plan and go for the initial capital.

  • Buy assets (dry-fruits) for the startup.
  • A huge amount of money goes into building a website and establishing the copyrights.
  • To pay off little debt.
  • To hire a top-level of the digital team to design/build a website.
  • To pay salaries and expenses of the developing team of queasy.
  • For the marketing of the newly launch products. Spend on PR, advertising, content writing, cinematography etc.
  • To acquire queasy title, patent rights and privacy rules.


The dry fruit industry is one growing segment industry in the category of health and nutritious food. Earlier, dry fruits were primarily sold either by whole sellers or retailer; however, with high marginal income, better availability, the right packaging, consistent quality and right labelling it is not restricted to offline distribution. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing categories in online space. Online sites allow direct connection with consumers. It is a very delicate item so selling online comes with its own challenges.

People at Queasy believe in “work hard and let success make noise”. They do not consider any one particular as their Competition but generalizing all who works in the same genre of business. They have not faced any competition, but they do have major challenges in this advanced world of digitalization is logistic and shipping. The customers’ needs fast service, whereas there are days and events when the process turns rigid. Every Step, growth, plan and achievements teach them something. People at Queasy have learned that let the quality be standard, and prices are reasonable, and they will definitely capture the market and rise from it. Keeping the best interest of customers in planning is their prior concern.


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