Cases of death from liver cancer have increased by 50% in last 10 years

liver cancer

Worldwide, liver cancer deaths have increased by almost 50 percent compared to the last 10 years, an increase of three times over the past several decades.

This is commonly seen in people who are obese and smoke cigarettes. Recently new data from Cancer Research UK shows that the UK has had about 5,700 deaths from liver cancer in 2017, the highest annual number of deaths recorded. According to this data, it has increased from 3,200 deaths in 2007. In all cancers, liver cancer has been the leading cause of deaths in the last decade and this condition is continuously getting worse. Obesity and smoking are the biggest reasons.

According to the researchers, unfortunately the pace of  for cancer has slowed down and now more options are needed for these patients. Another problem is that people are now living with more inaccurate lifestyles, which is a concern.

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liver cancer

According to this study done at the University of Newcastle, the number of people suffering from liver cancer has also increased by 60 percent in the last decade, which may increase further in the coming days. According to researchers, this cancer has increased by 37 percent in the last 5 years all over the world. According to the study, there are many factors affecting the risk of liver cancer, of which obesity and smoking are among the biggest causes.

Talking only about obesity, 33 percent of people are getting liver cancer due to overweight and 20 percent of people are suffering it by smoking.

According to researchers, rising levels of obesity, diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases have a big role in this. According to Cancer Research UK, we can save people from these diseases, but they will have to change their lifestyles themselves. But it is extremely difficult to treat more than one-third of these patients.

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On the other hand, liver cancer surgeon, a consultant liver surgeon at Entry University Hospital in Liverpool, believes that triple of liver cancer in the last 20 years is extremely worrying and this data is a alarm bell for policy makers. It is therefore important to immediately implement good strategies for better prevention. Although these new figures apply only in England, we know that alcoholism, drug abuse and liver cirrhosis are a major problem for the whole world.

LIVER CANCER: How it occurs?

The human body creates new cells according to its requirement. Some cells have a group that grows and develops uncontrollably. Their edge is not controlled. These cells are called cancer cells.

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liver cancer

These cells are of two types in which first one is called benign tumor (malignant tumor) and second one is called malignant tumor. The growth of benign tumor cells is very slow and does not spread. Malignant tumor cells grow rapidly and also destroy their nearby normal tissues (Tissues). They spread throughout the body.

The term cancer is used when there is a malignant tumor that begins to affect the human body with its unlimited growth and sends cancer cells to human tissues (Tissues). Liver or liver cancer is an abnormal growth of liver cells, the structures of tumors in liver tissue called carcinoma.


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