What are eye freckles? Know its causes, danger and treatment measures

eye freckles

You may have heard of freckles or rashes on the skin, but sometimes these freckles can also occur in the eyes. These eye freckles are also known as nevus. It can occur in different parts of the eyes, and there can be many types of freckles

Have you ever noticed a small spot in your eyes in childhood or you just went to get your eye checkup done and during the checkup, you came to know that you have a freckle? Smelling in the eyes may sound a bit strange, but it is actually very common, and it does not harm your eyes in any way. However, in very rare cases, it can turn into a type of cancer called melanoma. Therefore, whether the eye fragments are old or new, they must be investigated. So, let us tell you in detail about eye freckles today.

eye freckles

What are eye freckles?

Eye freckles are called spot in the eye. Sometimes you may or may not see it. It can be anywhere from your eyeball to the outside. There are usually two types of eye freckles — one of which is technically called nevus. The meaning of nevus is moles. These are quite easy to spot. At the same time, other eye freckles are hidden behind your eyes and only an eye specialist is able to see them, and therefore, these freckles are revealed only after an eye examination. Since they are on different parts of the eyes, their names are also as follows:

  • Conjunctival nevus: On the surface of your eye
  • Iris Nevus: Colorful part of your eye
  • Choroidal nevus: below your retina (behind your eye)
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Know the reason

Eye freckles can occur for many reasons. It is possible that you have it since birth or it may also develop as you grow after birth. Like freckles on the skin, eye freckles are also caused by melanocytes. In addition, sun rays can also enhance the nevus. Iris nevus can also grow due to sunlight. A 2017 study found that those who spent more time under the sun had higher iris fractures.

Identify symptoms

The conjunctival navy is often clearly visible on the white part of the eye. There is no other symptom of this. They remain stable but may change colour over time with increasing age or during pregnancy.

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Iris nevus is usually exposed only when checking the eyes. They usually occur in people with blue eyes. Having a choroidal nevus shows no symptoms, although it can leak fluid.

eye freckles


In most cases, there is no harm due to eye freckles. They are just like freckles on your skin. It does not cause your vision or other eye problems. But still, it is very important that you show the Eye Specialist once. Sometimes it can be a melanoma which may require treatment.

What do the expert say?

Eye Specialists says that eye freckles are harmless. But if you see the size of the pigment present in the eyes increasing rapidly or if there is any problem in the eyes, immediately contact the specialist. Also, while going out in the sun, wear sunglasses for eye protection and never treat yourself if there is any problem in the eyes. It is generally seen that some people sprinkle cold water or add rose water in case of problem in eyes. Sometimes the problem can be big, so do a checkup once.

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This is how you can identify and see if you are suffering from it.


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