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All about Farm Honey

Farm Honey do bee keeping and honey manufacturing. It is based in Bengaluru. However, their bee farms are located outside the city.

Benefits of Honey

Using the nectar, bees from honey from the flowers. It is a sweet liquid and its flavour various and depends upon the types of flower from which the nectar was collected. Honey is available in two form: Raw and Pasteurized.

Preparation of Raw honey is done by removing it directly from the hive and then storing it in a Bootle or a jar directly. This may contain or may have trace amounts of yeast, wax, and pollen. People who consume the local raw honey or it is advisable to use the raw honey as is believed that it will help with seasonal allergies as they have repeated exposure to the pollen in the area. Whereas, the Pasteurized honey heated and processed and is then final and in its preparation the impurities are removed.

Honey has high levels of fructose, glucose and monosaccharides and it contains around 70% to 80% of sugar, which makes it sweet. Further, it also has an antiseptic and different antibacterial property. In the modern medical science honey is said to have positive effect on chronic wound management and combating infection.

Health related benefits

Consumption of honey is believed to have various benefits on the health:

  1. It is used to heal wounds and burns
  2. Help people who have issue in digestion and will help in reducing the upward flow of stomach acid
  3. It helps your body in fighting with infection
  4. It the person is suffering from diarrhea then consuming homey will reduce the duration of diarrhea
  5. For those who are planning a diet, can switch to honey. This will make your process easy and it acts as a perfect substitute of sugar. You can use it in food/drinks then necessary requires sugar.
  6. It is believed that honey is a natural way of reducing or relieving cold and cough
  7. Honey helps to reducing stress, stomach problems, bad breath, weakness, improves your sleep cycle, etc

Other than these, it is also helpful is curing skin related issues. Honey is sometimes advertised as having a cosmetic solution for dry, pimply, cracked or clogged skin.

How are they different from other similar Business

Fram Honey was started to support the organic movement. Honey is a product mainly use for many medical and household purposes and they assure that they provide best quality honey free from any additional impurity. Hence, visit them online and try one of the best honey farm.

Founder of Farm Honey

Vijay Ranga Vittal is the founder of this start-up and he started this with his brother-in-law in the year 2015. Vijay has done Pharmacy.

The way ahead

Farm honey in the coming years is planning to increase their production as demand is increasing. They are also planning to open 2 new plant within 2021.

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