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All about Ink My Site

Ink My Site is a Content Writing Firm that is providing best possible content writing services such as:

  • Content outlining for blogs and social media
  • Guest Blogging
  • Brochure writing
  • Taglines
  • Poetry
  • Ghost-written blogs
  • Research of competitor’s content
  • Ongoing blog management
  • Content strategizing


Their target audience is young start-ups and lifestyle brands. They also work for tech companies and PR agencies in India. Especially, the metro cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. Imagine producing an effective product or service but not being able to reach the masses. In My Site makes sure that your product or services reaches the right audience with the right content and more importantly, optimized, plagiarism-free and engaging content.


Benefit of having a good content for your company


  1. With time, content marketing will help the company to drive more conversion
  2. Better the content, more is traffic on the website
  3. Good content will give clear and to the point solution and it will attract the customers
  4. For the existing customers, a good content will help you to educate them and will also help them in making an informed decision
  5. Customers confidence is likely to boast with good and clear content
  6. You gain credibility and authority in the market
  7. It will improve you online visibility and SEO
  8. It maintains the competition and boost the market
  9. You customers read well about you, your service, etc before they reach you and hence a good content will increase your customer base
  10. It will open a channel of communication with people


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What make Ink My Site special and unique


In this digital age, you will find many content providers. However, what makes Ink My Site special and unique is their contribution towards content ideas and strategizing a plan around it. Each and every content piece is original and well researched. 

Ink My Site has successfully helped several great organizations by providing them 100 percent original and well-curated content for online and offline marketing procedures. Having worked on various genres, they can come up with some great ideas and deliver content which will definitely help any business reach their target audience leading to a boost in traffic.

With a team of 5-10 people, they have been able to gain a lot in a short time.


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The Person behind Ink My Site


Deeksha Anand is the only founder of Ink My Site as is 22 years old. Belongs to a Hindi Punjabi business family residing in New Delhi and has completed her Bachelors in Business Administration from Indraprastha University and is also certified as a digital content writer from Henry Harvin. 


Future Prospect


Ink My Site plans to establish their firm by growing the company. Emphasis on adding additional services in terms of content which will help the clients. Also, to associate with more brands. In the next 2-3 years, the company see itselves as the pioneer for content creation among the Indian market. 

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