Internet speed In India is less than Nepal and Pakistan , but 4G network available in 87.9% of the country

  • The mobile upload speed is 4.38 Mbps and the download speed is 11.18 Mbps.
  • Fixed line download speed 34.07 Mbps and upload speed 31.24 Mbps.

India is at 128th position in the world in terms of mobile internet speed.

The report released for September 2019 by ‘Ookla‘, a broadband speed analysis firm, said that the country lags behind Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal in this matter. However, the country ranks 72nd far ahead of its South Asian neighbors in terms of landline broadband speed.

According to ‘Ookla’ Global Speed ​​Testing Index, the average download speed in the world is 29.5 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speed is 11.34 Mbps. The upload speed in India is found to be 4.38 Mbps and the download speed is 11.18. South Korea tops the list with 95.11 Mbps download and upload speed of 17.55 Mbps.

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Highest 4G network area in the country
Among South Asian countries, Sri Lanka topped the mobile network with 81st position. Pakistan was ranked 112 and Nepal was ranked 119. Although India’s download internet speed was low, the availability of 4G network in the country is better than the neighboring countries. 4G network was found in 87.9% of the country.

Airtel Fastest Network: Ookla
According to the report, ‘Airtel’ was the fastest in 11 major cities of the country in the third quarter of 2019, while ‘Jio’ was the highest in the 12th city. The fastest internet speed of ‘Airtel’ was found in Nagpur. Vodafone was the fastest mobile operator in two cities and Idea One.

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Situations are better in terms of landline speed
Ookla has released a global internet average of 69.1 Mbps download and upload speed of 36.52 Mbps on the fixed line. Singapore topped the global list, while India topped the South Asian countries in this regard. The average download speed in the country is 34.07 Mbps and upload speed is 31.24 Mbps. In this list, Jio has been described as India’s fastest fixed line broadband service provider in the second and third quarter.


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