Nirav Modi said in court – I will commit suicide if I would be extradited to India

  • Counsel for the Indian side said – Nirav’s statement shows his intention to abscond.
  • Nirav’s bail application has been rejected 5 times, he also said that he was attacked three times in jail.
  • Nirav has been in London’s Wandsworth Jail since 19 March, he was arrested on India’s appeal


PNB scam accused Nirav Modi (48) said in London’s Westminster Magistrate Court on Wednesday that he would commit suicide if he would be extradited to India. According to media reports, Nirav also said that he was attacked three times in jail. Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) lawyer James Lewis, who is lobbying for the Indian government, said – Nirav’s statement shows his intention to abscond.

The judge called the leak of Nirav’s medical report unfortunate
Nirav’s bail application was rejected for the fifth time on Wednesday. Judge Emma Abhartnott said that the past points indicate possible events in the future. Can not assume that Nirav will not influence the witnesses and will appear at the time of trial in May next year. His being in depression cannot affect previous orders to dismiss bail.

The judge termed the leaking in the Indian media as serious and bad, referring to his mental state in Nirav’s bail application. He said that it was unfortunate to leak confidential medical reports. This will reduce the confidence of the court towards the Government of India.

Nirav’s lawyers accused the Indian investigative agencies of leaking information. To this, counsel for the Indian side, James Lewis said that the fact of the medical report being leaked is regrettable, but it did not happen from the Indian side. Lewis challenged Nirav’s bail plea, arguing that there was no change in the circumstances of the previous applications. There is a possibility of Nirav fleeing the UK on bail.

Nirav filed a bail application in Westminster Magistrate Court for the fourth time on 30 October. He spoke of restlessness and despair. Nirav’s bail plea has also been rejected by the UK High Court. He has been in London’s Wandsworth Prison for 7 months. London police arrested him on 19 March after the extradition warrant was issued on India’s appeal. The next appearance will be on December 4 via videolink.

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