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Women take voluntary or are sometimes forced to take involuntary pause to their successful career. The reason could be marriage, medical rest, pregnancy, company becoming insolvent or just taking rest from an otherwise hectic schedule to reduce stress.

Often, confused with the numerous career options available. Many make an unguided wrong move in their life. They then pause to explore NEW options and/or to reevaluate their goals.

Tips to follow to Re-start Your career

For those who are looking to re-start their work and seeking available options to change their professional domain, kindly note the following points:

  1. Scrutinize your ability and capability. One should be well aware of their strengths and weakness and boundaries so that no effort is wasted. Connect with a experienced Mentor/Coach if you aren’t sure where to focus your energies.
  2. Update your resume and work with a professional to create a standout profile.
  3. Prepare a good statement of purpose wherein you mention why you took a gap and in what area you like to work.
  4. Prepare for your interview. Be prepared for the reason why you took the break
  5. Get certified in the technologies that you like to work in if you are changing domains.
  6. Be open to starting as a temporary/part-time or Intern if the gap is more than 5-10 years and find a friendly organization or a startup to give you a career break.

Last but not least, have confidence in yourself. 

Be fierce, be bold and be confident enough as you were before the break. 

Try to feel that you never had a break. Everyone has different career ladders and they climb on it at their speed which is subject to what their goals are, and every person has a set of their own goals and ambition and ladder, then why worry? And never think that you cannot succeed. You can and you will!

However, some of you may find it difficult to find a good job as current options available are limited or you might be searching for it wrong.

Reach out to HiEd Success, a social enterprise based out of Atlanta GA and its founder Preeti Tanwar will provide you with better career options. Additionally, she will help you in grooming your personality and make you stand out from the crowd. She even conducts sessions on career development and to raise the self-esteem of people.


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All about HiEd Success

HiEd Success is a Social enterprise located in Atlanta strengthening local communities. It also serves as a Staffing and Consulting firm which assures you of a high-quality and seasoned IT consultation and provides all technical services including automation of manual forms/processes and report development.

HiEd Success is passionate about Women and Youth empowerment. It supports recent graduates and women from STEM backgrounds re-entering the workforce through the HiEd Ambassador Program and collaborates with organizations such as yours to create win-win opportunities to meet your cost-effective skilled resources needs to help improve efficiency and employee retention.

If you are looking forward to such an opportunity then you are just one call away to re-start your career and become independent. Just a 15 minutes meet or on-call might help you.

Contact Details: [email protected] | 888.975.6493


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