Let’s respect the Supreme Court’s decision and work towards a better future: Bollywood on Ayodhya Verdict


The long-pending & extremely sensitive case has finally received its verdict. We are talking about the long-pending Ram Janmabhoomi & Babri Masjid land dispute. The land that is under dispute covers about 2.77 acres of land.

The Supreme Court has awarded the land in Ayodhya for the construction of the temple.

The Supreme Court of India has also stated that Muslims will be allotted with an alternate 5 acres of land within the city for the construction of the mosque. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and others headed the decision that came from the court today.

Delivering the verdict the Supreme Court said that the mosque should be constructed at a “prominent site” in the city. It said trust should be formed within three months for the construction of the temple at the site that many Hindus believe Lord Ram was born. The court said that is no archaeological evidence of what existed between the 12th century and the 16th century when the Babri Masjid was built.

ayodhya The decision has indeed become the landmark decision of the Supreme Court of India. Bollywood celebrities are all hail down for the decision too. Reacting to the decision celebrities like Huma Qureshi, Vikrant Massey, Farhan Akhtar, Vivek Oberoi, Taapsee Pannu, etc. have tweeted out their acceptance about the verdict.

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The celebrities reached out to their fans to tell them to accept the decision given by the SC peacefully & with grace. Celebrities have shown their acceptance with the decision and are urging their fans to do the same.

Huma Qureshi on twitter wrote, “My dear Indians, please respect the Supreme Court Verdict on #AyodhyaCase today. We all need to heal together and move on from this as one nation!!”


Whereas film-maker Madhur Bhandarkar wrote, “Welcome the fair verdict over the #AyodhyaCase by Hon. Supreme Court. Finally, the long-pending issue will be resolved now.”

Rang De Basanti actor, Kunal Kapoor also wrote, “This is a time for peace & healing. Let’s be sensitive to each other and build a more inclusive and unified India. #AYODHYAVERDICT”

South Superstar Rajnikanth also expressed his views on the verdict too. He said he respects the Supreme Court’s judgment and also urges everyone to respect it. He said, “Everyone should respect the judgment for the unity & development of the country. Irrespective of one’s religion, everyone should come together and work towards it. Jai Hind”

The Queen actress, Kangana Ranaut who is known for her outspoken nature also expressed her views. Well her team did. Team Kangana Ranaut posted “The supreme court judgment on #AyodhyaVerdict shows how all of us can coexist peacefully. This is the beauty of our great country and I urge everyone to rejoice in the fact that we define “Unity in Diversity” #KanganaRanaut #AyodhyaJudgement #AyodhyaVerdict”

The Saand ki Aankh actress, Taapsee Pannu also shared her feelings regarding the same. She tweeted, “#AYODHYAVERDICT hail Supreme Court! Let the needful be done. Now moving towards working on issues that will help our nation become the BEST place to LIVE in.”


The decision of the land dispute was one of the most important & anticipated judgments in Indian history. Chief Justice gave out the verdict, Ranjan Gogoi put an end to the more than a century-old dispute that has torn the unity & social fabrication of the country. Finally & hopefully people will take this decision with a positive mindset & look at the bigger picture.

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To avoid any chaos inside the court, the Supreme Court restricted the entry of persons today in the court. The Public Relations Officer of the Supreme Court has said that a one-day pass that is made for the litigants/junior lawyers is not being issued today. Only the litigants whose names are on the cause list are allowed to enter the premises.

The Bollywood fraternity cannot stop anyone to think or do something but since they are considered powerful influential people, their words have proven to help in situations. The way they have accepted and are urging their fans and people in general to accept the verdict is heartwarming.

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Allah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam! Sabko sammati de bhagwan!


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