Rage Yoga: Cure your frustration in a not-so-gentle way


Yoga is one of the purest and poised ways of working out. It’s a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines combined together. It’s a form of exercising so gentle, so serene that while practicing it you might achieve the state of zen. After every yoga session, it starts feeling so classy and serene that even the body language changes like some yogi’s! Yoga means being one with yourself. It’s the practice of getting closer to yourself and your body.

Yoga to cure your frustration in not so gentle way

What if your inner self isn’t a yogi who wants to be serene? What if you are just a little brat who is angry about absolutely everything and still wants to be healthy, angrily! If you are someone who gets angry even about the idea of folding your body by all joints possible, just to achieve zen, then we have good news for you.

If you prefer shouting and swearing when you lose your calm, instead of sitting in Padmasana, you’ll be pleased to know about ‘Rage Yoga’. Here you will be folding yourself from every possible joint, just like regular yoga, but there’s a twist (not the physical one). Along with all those yogi asana’s here you are allowed to scream at your highest pitch. Rage yoga is all about swearing, loud music, middle fingers and when you get tired, you get a beer instead of water!

Sounds fun, right? So if the first thing you do after waking up is getting upset, then join Rage Yoga. Rage Yoga’s founder, Lindsay Istace, refers to the practice as “alternative yoga for the modern badass.” She posted a Rage Yoga video last year on Youtube and describes it as “stretching, positional exercises, and bad humor, with the goal of attaining good health and to become zen as f**k”

How Rage Yoga works

So the basic idea of Yoga is being in union with yourself and Rage Yoga allows you to be your spoilt self without even feeling guilty. It is not always breathing in, breathing out and practicing silence that helps your brains to calm down.

According to the official website of Rage Yoga, the eligibility to be an instructor is to complete a special certification program as well as a minimum of 200 hours of yoga instructor certification.

Houston instructor Ashley Duzich told a source that “Rage Yoga is a healthy way to release frustration.” 

“We are all mad about something and we all have been holding it inside and bulking it up onto an F-bomb for a little bit too long,” she added. “So that’s what rage yoga does is that it allows you to have a safer space to let go off your frustration and rage in a healthy way and then also drain it all away with some cold beer.”

Ashley added that she has heard plenty of funny outbursts during classes during the sessions when everyone is just yelling out their frustrations. One of the most hilarious was the one when someone yelled, “I asked you to do the dishes!”

Rage Yoga is definitely not the first modern twist on yoga. A lot of other ways have already been tried and tested such as naked yoga, beer yoga, goat yoga, cat yoga, and hip-hop yoga.

So, if you are too classy for swearing and shouting then traditional yoga classes are conducted in almost every neighborhood. But if you want to yell your lungs out, then Rage Yoga classes is one place you can do it without getting kicked out!

What are you waiting for now? Go find your zen!

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