5 sofa designs for every budget


Your health should be your priority and all other things will automatically be put into line. We live in a place where getting time for your health has become difficult. Getting up early and doing exercise is not an easy task especially for people living in metros. They have to leave early for the office to catch up metro, local or meet the busy traffic on their way to office.

Will eating healthy be the only option left to avoid health issues? No. There are many other ways in which you can maintain your physique, stay fit, avoid unwanted health issues such as backpain or any other joint pain.

You can walk while you talk, take stairs instead of lift, sit straight, walk for 2min after every one hour of continuous work, etc. But what may be one of the easiest things to manage out of all these, buy good home and office furniture including sofa, chairs, bed and divan so that those having desk job do not have to face health harassment.

From where to buy the Furniture

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In a place where taking out time for family outing has become a difficult thing, how will people manage to go out at different places and pick up the best office and home furniture at a reasonable price and best quality. Do remember that sofa, bed and divans that people use for most of the hours should be of the best quality. Quality over price should be our priority. East Lifestyle a home décor and furniture shop online can provide you the comfort of not living your spot and finding one of the best ranges and quality sofa for your office and home.

Benefit of having Comfortable and Vintage sofa at home

Shop from East Lifestyle and get one of the best sofas for you home and office. It will not only provide your wide range of products but will also customize according to your needs and wishes.

Additionally, to avoid the worry of how to give away your ancestral furniture that were there at your office and home from ages, East Lifestyle offers the opportunity to of restoration services for old pieces of furniture. They will help in maintaining the priced pieces which comes with legacy.

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With a lineage that goes back to the 1970s, East lifestyle now offers more than just furniture. The key ingredients that they use are Solid Wood, and their strength is Handcrafted furniture.

Five Sofa designs at East Lifestyle one cannot afford to lose

East Lifestyle brings a gamut of signature sofa designs for the living rooms   A well-made sofa is not just comfortable but also works as a statement piece for any home. Use of solid wood as base material, our sofas are made to last decades. Yet every inch of the sofa is intricately designed to add style to strength.

Explore the wide range of meticulously handcrafted designer sofas, distinctively created to suit every customer unique style statement.  It offers choice of both classic and contemporary designs to best suit the taste and requirement. You can customize the perfect sofa with their designs and choice of fabric and other finishing details. It is pertinent to note they are available online and are currently serving in Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Pune, Karnataka, Mumbai, Goa and Kochi.

  1. Zest L shaped Sofa (Rs. 147,200)
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Zest L shaped Sofa is a favourite for rooms with larger spaces. The sofa is Modular and can be extended or reduced in size if required. It comes along with two poufs to create a complete look

  1. Nexion Armless 3-seater Sofa (Rs. 65,780)

Its simple sleek design within built side tables and upholstered seats makes it a very unique piece.

  1. Abode Sectional Sofa (Rs 103,500)

It is a contemporary sectional sofa and can be teamed up with two poufs to create a complete look.

  1. Spice Art Deco Sofa (Rs. 89,700)

The Curved design allows for it to be used even in the center of rooms leaving ample space around the piece. It fits in comfortably against curved walls.

  1. Richard Sofa (Rs. 32,000)

Super sleek design and comfortable seating, Richard Sofa is the highest seller amongst the clients looking to add a contemporary touch to their living rooms.

So, don’t wait for long. Visit East Lifestyle and have a look at their wide range of furniture with unique and different style.

For more details: https://www.eastlifestyle.in/


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