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All you need to know about Indian Artizans

Indian Artizans has a parent company called In craft Fashion Ventures Private Limited. They are primarily into handloom sarees, stoles, dupattas and handcrafted jewellery of India and cater to those who understand the worth of handloom and are ready to pay the price for the same to encourage the Indian weaver.

Indian Artizans works closely and directly with its weavers to handpick the most exclusive Kanjeevarams, Banarasi, Chanderi, Pochampallys, Ikkat, Kasuti, Sambalpuri, Pat Silk and the likes. 

What was the objective behind starting Indian Artizans?

Indian Artizans famously call themselves ‘craftoholics’ and are a bunch of very different people from very different backgrounds who have magically been woven together into a common thread of passion for exploring India’s arts and crafts and delivering them to a global audience. Handcrafted and unique, their curated creations tell the story of India, stories that unfold as one travels in the beautifully diverse country. Stories that help people to rediscover the heritage and culture of India. Indian Artizans are always on a quest for finding fascinating, age-old and forgotten craft techniques and bring them to their customers straight from the hands of the artisans who have dedicated their lives to these arts.

Buying from their ‘Experience Centre’ at Hauz Khas Village or from their website means that the customers not only get a beautiful creation that is unique and handcrafted, but has also made a valuable contribution towards supporting an Artisan’s livelihood, preserving a dying art, supporting women empowerment (women exclusively make many of our creations), and taken a step towards saving the craft history of India.

If it is Indian, if it is handmade, find it at Indian Artizans.

They are close with four weaver clusters of Gujarat, Bihar and Rajasthan encouraging and supporting some of the rare weaves and works of India, including Tangaliya. A saree you would die for

Their pieces are one of a kind, evergreen, classy and can be valuable additions to the family heirloom. Just like the culture of India, their range is diverse. Pick from the ambit of hand-woven, hand-spun, hand-block printed, hand-embroidered, hand brocaded, hand tie-dye and lots of more unique hand-based processes.


Not only do they bring the most elegant hand-woven sarees from virtually every state of our vibrant country but also stoles, dupattas, jholas, tote bags, home linen as accessories like paper and other handcrafted jewellery.

What makes Indian Artizans different from the similar run business?

Indian Artizans is different from the other start-ups in this field by its sincerity of working closely with the Indian artisan and weaver. And making it not just to the Indian metros but catering to a global audience that appreciates hand-woven products. To mesmerise the world and let them know the tremendous amount of skill and craft that India possesses and getting the market closer to the artisan in the interiors of India.

Chats and discussions about each weave, the story behind each saree is something that they encourage and enjoy, filling new friends with tales of fabrics and many a time learning from them too.


Bespoke blouses are another added feature to the store. They understand that many women who love sarees do not wear them simply because they never got the time to get the blouses stitched. Indian Artizans and Sareewaali Preeti ensure that it is the one-stop-shop for saree purchase. Buy a saree, and they will get the blouse stitched and the saree’s finishing done before the deadline!


They believe buying a drape has to be a personalised experience, hence their concept of ‘Sarees by Appointment’ at their ‘Experience Center’ in Hauz Khas Village. Book an appointment, and they cater to your shopping needs behind closed doors giving a particular time and undivided attention.


Is a simple, age-old Indian concept of selling sarees that Indian Artizans is trying to revive in this age of online shopping? Sareewaali-Preeti handpicks sarees from across the length and breadth of the country. Its Saree Trunk and ‘Gathri’ is full of the choicest ones.

In homes where there is a marriage in the offing or at a big family get together, Sareewaali reaches their customer’s house, with a trunkful of the fascinating weaves and fabrics in 6 yards. The connoisseurs’ touch, feel, listen to the stories behind each saree and weave before buying it for their trousseau or otherwise collection.

The start-up received primary funding and are not planning to receive any immediately.

People behind this Unique Idea

Preeti Nagarajan, Director, Indian Artizans comes from an artistic family full of musicians and dancers. She ventured into this line because of her passion that lured her. A professional singer and performer, and is now most comfortable curating, handpicking sarees and other products travelling the length and breadth of the country. Her entrepreneurial journey, as she says, has just begun.

A Way Head 

Indian Artizans intends to expand its market and eventually go international. The idea is to reintroduce Indian craft and weaves to the global audience. 

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