Do BSNL Users have to Switch to other Operators or Hold Ground?


In October, the government approved the plan to revive the two-loss, making telecom operators BSNL and MTNL. In the process of reviving, it will merge both the operators and the amount that would be incurred to revive the operator would be Rs. 69,000 crores.

In the process of reviving the company, both MTNL and BSNL introduced the voluntary retirement scheme. The reason was that a large amount of the income used to go in paying the wage bill. BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019 received an unexpected response, and a lot of employees went on to take the benefit of the scheme.

The question here is, Do we as a user switch to other operators or hold on? Last few months have been tough for every telecom companies. To avoid any further loss, the scheme came to merge BSNL and MTNL. However, the government has now thought of giving massive help to both the operators and bring back their life. As per the report, both the operator has around Rs 40,000 crore loss, and BSNL is required to pay the full amount. Damage includes the dues of operational creditors and the vendor.

However, this revival plan will help BSNL and bring them back to normal functioning. Seeing the loss and trouble of the company, a lot many BSNL subscriber are switching to different operators or porting their numbers.

The reason was an excellent package of different operators or better network. It is pertinent to note that all the subscribers should hold and not port to other telecom operators as BSNL will soon be offering amazing deals and packages. The list is:

· Prepaid Plan packages

Though Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have a massive prepaid plan, still they are not able to match the breadth of BSNL plans. Stick to BSNL, and you can enjoy the plans which are tailormade for your needs. Unlike other telecom operators that may change plans, increase rates or remove the plan, BSNL will have a wide range of offers, from only voice package to single data plans and other combos.

· Sticking to the old Talk Time Plans

 Unlike Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea, where you have to pay an amount to continue the working of your number, BSNL will have same talk time pattern, and you will not have to worry about making an outgoing call. There is no limit below which the subscribers will not be able to make calls, as is in the case of other private telecom operators’ who have made it mandatory a specific amount of recharge.

· Allocation of 4G spectrum

The issue of not having a 4G network will now be gone, and the BSNL operators will also be offered 4G services for hassle-free data speed. BSNL has already started to reframe their 3G spectrum to 4G.

· Data Packages

BSNL was giving an extra 2.2GB daily data to many of their users. In addition to this, it will continue to offer 60 extra days of validity on its Rs 1,699 prepaid plan along with 1GB additional data which the users won’t find in other networks. 

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