How India’s Ayurveda became the Cool ‘Organic’ in western culture


The organic movement started in the west when the 20th century was halfway through. It involved people and organizations turning towards organic on realizing the hazards of chemically grown food. This movement started in the west and became a rage in West, people began to start doing organic farming on massive levels. The idea was to eliminate whatever caused harm and switching to healthier food option.

Fast-forward to present times

A few years back, when India was in the middle of the power shift between two ideologies – people abruptly realized that India needs to Go Ayurvedic, and Go Swadeshi! That was the time when like the organic movement, India introduced a nationwide revolution as envisioned by Gandhi during the time India wasn’t free.

The revolution was going on even before the power shift, but it came out all guns blazing when they realized their voice to be one with the citizens of Indian.

Calling Patanjali a torchbearer of this revolution would be an understatement, it was like as if Ramdev baba was the face and home of this movement. Using Ayurvedic products became compulsory for every Indian who loved the country. The branding and air were such that using a foreign product made one feel like an accused of Anti-Indian. 

Ayurveda raged like a dragon spitting fire. The shelves in small stores to big malls started to fill-in as much Ayurvedic stuff because the demand was such. It was as if Ayurveda dusted-off itself and stood tall to demand its placed back, which it did.

The market for Ayurvedic items in India was full of possibilities. The moneymen tried to slip themselves in the revolution to make some money, but the sales of Patanjali were really never affected. Despite all the serious competition, and despite the fact that companies whose sales dropped down drastically after Patanjali was introduced are not letting go any opportunity to cause harm to the company, Patanjali will be world’s biggest FMCG in the world by 2020.

This revolution, unlike other revolution, will not die out, it will be kept intact. However, it is a functioning definition of ‘great cry, little wool’. The company does not believe in making something new, they are ripping-off everything that comes their way. Company’s product, most of them, are just average. Self-care products of Patanjali cannot be put even in the category of average. They are bad, as suggested by the reviews. But people will not stop to choose them over other products because of the brilliant and fitting agenda.

People might like or dislike Patanjali, Ramdev, or Ayurvedic revolution but no one can deny the fact that they keep the people interested and guessing for what’s next to come!

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