Make sure to get your key set insured along with your car insurance


Driving a luxury car is considered a class in India. And having a keyless remote or a Frequency Operated button (FOB) works as an icing on the cake. FOB is a key less lock and can unlock or start the car with push-button only. This technology makes high-end cars are expensive. Some FOB also has functions like setting off the car alarm, unlocking the car’s boot and can also help your car while parking in a crowded area.

A most important thing which we never forget is the insurance of the car, which helps us in getting a specified amount in case of any theft or accident. But what about the keys?

Do you know, if your keyless remote or FOB gets damaged or stolen, you will not get insurance for your car? Yes, your insurance can be rejected. You need to have all the keys to get the insurance amount. If it gets damaged or stolen, you may have to pay Rs 8000 for high-end cars like Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Polo and Rs 1 lakh for premium cars like Jaguar or Fortuner which itself is a valid reason to get the insurance done.

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What you can do to prevent such expenses?

Just get your keys insured along with your car insurance. Although many companies do not provide any policy for key insurance,  you need to buy an add-on rider which will cost between Rs 100-300.

Why do you need insurance?

Every remote or FOB has a different code that is aligned with the code present in the car-lock system. When the remote code comes in contact with a car lock system, the car gets locked or unlocked. So there is no chance that you can use another key to lock or unlock the car. If you tried to be over-smart and did the same, your security alarm will stop you. In case you want to replace your car keys when they are lost from the authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service center, it will make you pay an extra huge amount as a more skilled mechanic will have to replace the whole lock system of your car.

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Amit Bhasin, Co-founder, GoMechanic, an automobile repair and service solution firm, said, “The remote-key/keyless FOB and remote-lock system work on the principle of radio transmitter because of which you can easily lock and unlock, operate other functions like the closing of windows and roof when remotely locking the car, from a distance.” He said, “The radio transmitter of the car works within a general range of 10-20 meters.”

If the car-lock system gets damaged and keys are ok, then the policy does not cover the cost incurred. Most insurance companies neither cover the repair or replacement cost for lockset damages even in case of an accident.

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Duplicate keys

You can also opt for Duplicate key option except in case of FOB from a general car repair shop but it involves various risks. This may increase the chances of your car being stolen as the general garage person will know your car’s new code. Also, your car keys may fall into wrong hands again leading to the same situation of stealing.

Paying an additional small amount with your car insurance policy can save you to pay a good amount for damaged or lost key sets and will also protect your car from any further malpractices.


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