Delhi, world’s most polluted city, Kolkata and Mumbai also in top 10: report


Private weather agency Skymet has released a list of the 10 most polluted cities in the world. According to this, the country’s capital Delhi is the most polluted. Apart from Delhi, Kolkata ranks fifth and Mumbai is ninth in the list. The Air Quality Index of Delhi has been recorded at 527 on Saturday. A few days ago IQ Air Visual also described Delhi’s air as the worst.
World’s top 10 polluted cities released by weather agency Skymet

City air quality index
Delhi (India) 527
Lahore (Pakistan) 234
Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 185
Karachi (Pakistan) 180
Kolkata (India) 161
Chengdu (China) 158
Hanoi (Vietnam) 158
Guangzhou (China) 157
Mumbai (India) 153
Kathmandu (Nepal) 152

Skymet has said in the report that the air quality in Delhi remains a constant alarming level. This is the first time that the Air Quality And pollution situation of the capital has remained so bad for so long. On Friday, the Supreme Court directed the Center to install air purifier towers at 13 places in Delhi. On Thursday, the Pollution Control Board issued instructions to shut down all educational institutions in Delhi and industries not running clean fuels for two days.

Air Quality Index Status
0-50 better
51–100 satisfactory
101-200 General
201-300 bad
301-400 Very Bad
401–500 serious
Citing the example of China, a professor at IIT Mumbai, who arrived as an expert in the Supreme Court, suggested installing air purifiers every 10 kilometers. Let us inform you that China has reduced pollution by 33 percent with the help of air purifiers in the last five years.

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