Pulls and pressure in the organisation say Rajat Sharma, resigns as DDCA President


In the news that broke out today, Senior journalist Rajat Sharma has resigned from the post of president of Delhi & Districts Cricket Association (DDCA). He did not elaborate on the reason but can cite that there have been various ‘pulls and pressure’ within the organization, which renders him unable to perform his work. Sharma was appointed on the post approximately twenty years ago. When he was appointed to the said post, it spent chills down the spine for some because of his very apparent differences with the general secretary of DDCA, Vinod Tihara. Vinod Tihara is supposed to be having considerable support in DDCA. However, Rajat had joined DDCA on the said post after much persuasion and backing from the former finance minister, late Shri. Arun Jaitley.

Cannot compromise principles in work, says Sharma.

In a statement by Rajat, he has said that the cricket administration as operating within the organization is always full of pulls and pressure. He said that there is an apparent conflict between the interest of the game and personal vested interest, which are actively working against one another. He said that he is not willing to compromise the principles of ‘integrity, honesty and transparency’, given that it will not be possible for him to carry the work at the DDCA any further.

Another news floated within few hours after Sharma tendered his resignation. The Chief-Executive-Officer [CEO] Ravi Chopra has also put in his resignation, along with both the members of the Cricket Advisory Committee [CAC]. The CAC is only a two-member committee and comprises of Sunil Valson and Yashpal Sharma, who have also put in their papers, following the resignation of Sharma.  The Wire in a report has stated that it will be interesting to see now whether or not Atul Wasan-led selection committee and coach KP Bhaskar will continue for the upcoming Ranji trophy. 

Sharma lost ground after Jaitley vacated the office of finance minister.

The theories coming in post-resignation suggest that after Jaitley, vacated the office of finance minister, on whose backing Shamra entered DDCA, he started to lose his ground. Insiders from the DDCA believe that it was Jaitley who was the binding force in DDCA for all different factions, not being on the same page. Sharma has said that in his endeavour to be of service to the organization, he has come across many roadblocks, opposition and opposition. He said that these hindrances had kept him from discharging his duties fairly and transparently. He has ‘called it a day’ and tendered his resignation from the post of President, DDCA, which the apex cricket council in the country. 

The rise of Tihara?

In the elections of DDCA, Tihara won while contesting for the Sharma group but fell foul with the president within the first few months on different cricket and related administrative issues of the organization. It is supposed to have included allegations of trying to control recruitment without following protocol and not following due diligence. After the said discord between the two, Tihara was suspended by the executive committee on disciplinary grounds which he took up in the court of law to challenge.

It is suspected that after the resignation of Sharma, the suspension of Tihara will be revoked, making way for him to be representing the DDCA at the BCCI Annual Grand Meet in Mumbai to be held on December 1, 2019. Tihara has remarked on the resignation of Rajat and has called it ‘a good decision’. In conversation with the PTI, he has said that eight of the directors of DDCA had signed in favour of withdrawing all the powers of the president. Tihara has also clarified that in no manner is he interested in becoming the president and already has a lot of work to handle. His statement is said to be an indication of him representing DDCA at the BCCI AGM to be held in December. Tihara has said

“We will now have to call an emergent meeting to accept Rajat Ji’s resignation, which won’t be a problem. Next, we need to fix the date of the general body meeting to elect a new president.”

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