The Problems That Start-Ups Face With Their Angel Investors | The Struggle Is Real!


Startup is a very new phenomenon in the market. People in the present time are highly inclined towards getting into something which is of their own, but the call of this idea is that it comes with hard work, idea, luck, and dedication towards the same.

However, when you choose to start with something of your own, then the first thing that would come in mind is MONEY. If you have sorted your business idea with an investor then half of your problems are solved. If this is what you are thinking then let us be very clear starting something of your own is not an easy task and as and when you are working with the investors you tend to get an idea that the struggle you have to go through would be higher.

Investors, or if we term them as the money guys then we should be sure about the fact that if someone is investing their hard-earned money in your business, they are sure to give you a hard time working in the way they want to. The share of profit, the work culture, office space and all will be under their control mostly.

They want to keep a check on everything in the way they would probably like it to be.  The fact is that they are giving money and so they become superior, and they are like the big daddy of the business that you are the technical owner of. You have to be very careful as well as you should make a pact of what you want and what you should be giving them signed and contracted at the first place.

Starting up a business is something which needs capital to generate its name and brand value in the market and hence, you have to listen to the company which is funding you and sitting in the market with a reasonable valuation of its own so as to be in the eye of the market. Investors need returns and work from the people. It is recommended that one should be very clear of what they want in their venture, what share’s each of them will hold and all the necessary dot points.

A perfect set of contract and legal bonds are something that should be well taken in consideration so as to make the process smoother and hassle-free for both the investor as well as the technical owners or partners of the startup. The startup is like a baby which has to be dealt with utmost care and the angel investor and the idea holder are the parents who have to be on the same age to cradle the baby into someone who is huge and magnanimous.

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