Unsung Heroes Who deserve the due appreciation


Heroes are not just the people who save lives and do that kind of stuff anyone can be a hero who does something brave because bravery is the most important trait of a hero. Helping others, making the world a better place to live, improving other’s life are heroic things which are not easy to do, all these things require you to be brave, selfless, and resilient. Here are few Indian heroes who deserve all the popularity and more –

Omkarnath Sharma aka Medicine Baba

What made Omkarnath a real hero is an incident he in the year of 2008, a bridge had collapsed in Delhi and he saw that a big number of injured people were turned away by the medical agencies because of unavailability of required medicine. This incident moved him, now, he walks 5-8 kms every day to collect non-prescription medicine. He walks door to door and collects free medicine for the people who are really in need of it.

Krishna Poojary: Ran 6 kms to save train crash

Krishna Poojary is a daily wage labourer in Udupi, Karnataka. Krishna spotted a crack in the tracks which were widening and were a possible threat to the train that approached in the direction of it. Despite the problem that he has in his right leg, he ran more than 6 kms within 30 minutes to inform the railway officials. Krishna escorted them to the place of the crack and it was repaired. We saved so many lives by wasting no time and acting brave and quick. The Konkan Railway decided to felicitate Krishna for this noble work.

Master Nandlal: Educator of poor village children

Nandlal lived in a village near Banaras. The local weaver observed that the kids in the surrounding get married way too early because their parents cannot afford their education. Nandlal made it a mission of his life, abolish child labour and empower women. He singlehandedly started learning center in order to educate the kids from the village. At this point, he educates kids from over 500 underprivileged families. He helped more than 700 families by conducting weddings. He now promotes inter-caste marriages and eradicates dowry from the culture.

Venkatraman: Sells food for 1 rupee

Venkatraman was living a perfectly normal life like any of us before he happened to meet a woman who told him that she could not afford dinner of the government hospital she was admitted in. This is incident which made a hero out of a normal man, he decided to open up a lunch serving services for as little as 1 rupee. He has fed a big number of people which is only going to increase.

Lajja Sharma: A brave fighter who bit-off cheek of a goon

Lajja was in the ladies compartment of Jammu-Tawi express when a man disguised policeman boarded the train at Borivali station. He closed the doors as the train left the station and asked all the passengers to give him all their belongings. He looted the ladies in the moving train which Lajja did not like. She said she controlled herself because she did not want any passenger to get harmed as a result of her actions, but when the man started to misbehave with a young girl, Lajja warned him. This enraged him and he pounced on Lajja. She fought bravely and dropped the knife he was holding. She shouted for help but unfortunately, the co-passengers were too frightened to even react. He bit her cheeks so hard that the flesh came off, but brave Lajja managed to jump out of the train and pulled the train to halt.

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