Reviving the Congress party is must to improve India’s declining economy


Believe it or not, the existence of the opposition party is as important as the existing government. It helps in keeping the things on track by keeping an eagle’s eye on the working of the existing government. Any decision announced and a vigorous attack like an arrow waiting to be eagerly shot is thrown at the target making people aware of the ill-effects of the decision taken and trying to make people realize their wrong decision of voting the existing government. The attack also forces the government to maintain transparency with the people as the opposition party will use the hidden information as a weapon against them. But to do this, a strong and experienced party is required and in India, who else can do this task better than the Congress leaders.

Whether it is attacking the government on snooping row or purchase of 36 fully-loaded Rafale fighter jets from French company Dassault Aviation, Rahul Gandhi has never left any corners to troll Modi government. His comments not only have become a matter of laughter but have also brought many new matters into the limelight.

It’s astonishing to see Rahul Gandhi being absent from many important places like during the opening hours of 17th Lok sabha in June and Maharshatra matter. His silence smells of his Renunciation from politics.

It is true; losing elections has been quite a big shock for him. He even was seen trying several ways to come out of this nightmare like chilling out in Bangkok or sometimes seen busy learning meditation. People across the country eagerly waited for him to tweet against the Modi government.

Recently few political leaders confirmed that Rahul Gandhi would soon be back in politics as his mother wanted him to do so. And just after that the news of rejection in Rafale deal and warning given to Rahul Gandhi by the Supreme Court to not play blame games with politicians reminded his presence in politics.

Remember, When Rahul Gandhi trolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘Chowkidar Chor h’ and BJP sued him for this disrespect. He even used this as a slogan to public meetings at the time of elections. But this massive publicity proved to be self-loading on him only. People didn’t trust him, and again Narendra Modi grabbed the position of Prime minster of India.

Although it is difficult to consider Modi as a thief, many aspects cannot be neglected as this government has already created records to bring the Indian economy in its adverse state. Many decisions taken by them have created havoc in the country. The first budget after Narendra Modi joined his position was the first indicator that things are not going well. The decision of not disclosing budget by the finance minister is proof. People were convinced to wait for good days, and the wait is still not over.

Circumstances have worsened after the major players’ demonetization and GST entered the political game.

But in all this, the role of opponent parties is worth praising, especially the Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi. He did his part in updating the people in advance with the after-effects of decisions taken by the Modi government but lacked because of his short-tempered nature and lack of experience in politics. His anger could be seen in his statements.

Rahul Gandhi does talk about the poverty-stricken farmers and increasing unemployment but has never disclosed what he would have done if rights were given to him. As a result, the youth in India never taken him seriously and expects the Modi government to do the needful. The spoiled fame of Congress party has forced them to step back from the elections of Haryana and Maharashtra.

These lacking points helped Modi government to regain the trust of people in India. Modi government would be more cautious in taking these breathtaking decisions if Congress would have been a strong opponent.

Our Prime Minister is so much busy in his world tours after regaining is the position that he has stopped controlling his team. The team, after their second victory, seems to become over-confident. It is clear from the threatening statement of Ravi Shankar Prasad Communications, Electronics & Information Technology and Law & Justice, Government of India, about Rahul Gandhi asking him to apologize to the country after the Supreme Court’s decision on Rafale deal.

And shockingly, many other BJP leaders have seems to have adopted this attitude. They think of themselves as a king after winning elections for the second time. It is the need of the hour to break the silence, stop this misdeed and give them a strong jerk. And Congress is the only party that has the calibre to do it. It just needs a strong leader and not a successor.

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