Legendary Women History books never told you about


If we start brainstorming on the word ‘History’, the probable words which come out will be boring, exhausting, tedious, and unnecessarily lengthy.

While the subject covered reins of the rulers of different kingdoms, their battles and victories, it forgot to throw light on the women who led to something worthy of an applause! We, living in a feminist world, should never forget to acknowledge the success stories of masterminds and especially those who didn’t get enough praises and appreciation for their excellence. Let us scroll down and make history an interesting read. 

Sanitary belt without which life would have been a living hell!

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It was Mary Kenner who invented the moisture proof belted sanitary napkin. She was born in 1912, a time when women had to use rags during their periods. The company that was initially interested in the belt rejected it once they came to the realization that Mary was black. She had to wait for 30 years before it was patented in the year 1956. How unhygienic it would be if she didn’t take the initiative! Guess what, she also invented the hands free toilet paper holder.

Do you know who popularized jazz music in UK?

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Evelyn Dove was a classically trained singer and actress who performed all over the world. She also was a member of the Southern Syncopated Orchestra which was a group made up of British people of West African, Caribbean and American origin, who made jazz music popular. In the 1920s and 1930s, Evelyn became internationally famous and her talent was compared to Josephine Baker. In the year 1947, Evelyn was the first black artists to perform a variety show on the BBC.

The first black woman to join the British Armed Forces in 1941

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Lilian Bader became an orphan at the age of nine and was raised in a convent. Due to the prevalence of racial prejudice, she struggled to find anyone who would employ her and hence was stuck, living in the convent until she turned 20. When the WWII broke out, she joined the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes but got fired within weeks when her Caribbean heritage was discovered. Nevertheless, she remained determined to be a success and when she saw that RAF were accepting West Indians, Lilian became the first black person on the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. Later, she became the corporal and a leading Aircraftwoman.

Ever wondered who was the first African American to run for president?

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Shirley Chisolm, the daughter of working class Caribbean parents, created a benchmark in the political history. She was the first black woman elected to Congress, first to run for the democratic party and the first black person to run for president. Even after several assassination attempts, the writer never lost the grip on her ambitions and her achievements are mind-blowing at so many levels.

History often tends to overlook the achievements of women over men. Let us change that by talking about the ladies who altered the course of history by their dedication and sheer force of will – and created a history worth remembering!

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