Coirfit Mattress: Comfortable Mattresses To Deliver A Perfect Sleeping Solution

Coirfit Mattress

We all are spending a significant portion of a day in a desk job and experience back pain or joint pain at a very early age. To help employees in the office, companies are now having a restroom or a living room where people can take a short rest and stretch their muscles.

However, this may not help people who have a field job or those who travel for work. They require a sound and comfortable sleep to revive the energy within and be fresh and active during work. This includes not only working people but also those who are doing household chores throughout the day. Women generally face joint, ligament and muscles pain in their early 40s and look for a long-term solution to get over with this.

To avoid such issues and have a comfortable sleep and rest, Coirfit Mattress was brought to the market.

All you need to know about Coirfit Mattress-

To provide well-being to people, Coirfit Mattress was introduced in 1986. It uses its proprietary technology to make every mattress comfortable and supportive, allowing people to wake up re-energized and refreshed. Coirfit Mattress is guaranteed to help you sleep more and wake up less at night.

Unique Features of a Coirfit Mattress are:

  • The foam used is crafted from high-performance materials that have been clinically tested to enhance sleep.
  • Luxurious Fabrics Used
  • The mattress is designed to provide sound sleep to every individual.
  • Reasonable Price range 

What makes Coirfit Mattress different from other mattress brands?

With wellness being the guiding force behind the brand, they tend to push the perceived norms and invest in R&D from time to time and develop innovative as well as novel products with the best quality. The team at Coirfit design studio manufacture the best mattresses at a reasonable price.

Coirfit Mattresses are a preferred brand in all segments, including Hospitality, Household, Institutional or Corporate. Each of their Mattress not only gives sound sleep but is also an orthopaedic mattress.

Orthopaedic mattress supports the overall body of the person and focuses on joint and spinal pain. The mattress is available at different sizes and a wide range of prices. This unique feature of innovation and design under orthopaedic’s guidance make Coirfit Mattresses one of the best in this sector.

Know the man behind Coirfit Mattresses

It was started by Radhey Shyam Gupta whose vision was to deliver perfect sleeping solutions to all Indians. Soon his dream became his ambition, and he began making mattresses with advanced machinery. Such a mattress was imported to India for the first time, and now the brand has 34 years of experience in offering the best mattress to its customers. Coirfit Mattress has made a benchmark in the industry by serving more than 1 million satisfied customers.

Every mattress is uniquely designed with the aim to provide a luxurious and comfortable sleep to its customers. From selecting the best foam to what cover is to be used, all are analyzed in detail so that the customers are satisfied.

Coirfit products are certified by leading certification programme including ISO, ISI, Euro-latex, DAkkS, ISPF, IAF etc.

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