HUNARHAT: A platform to nurture our talents


In the era of digitalisation, people find it convenient to get things done by sitting at their home. Busy traffic, hectic work schedule makes it difficult for people to explore the talent within. People want to enjoy their weekends sitting in the cosy place at their home, however, look for opportunities platform that can help them to keep their talent alive and also help those looking for people to provide their unique services.

HUNARHAT is a unique platform that helps not only the people to explore the talent within but also improve the service providers to provide the service in the form of education or helping them to meet their requirement.

All you need to know about HUNARHAT

HunarHat is a group of artists dedicated to the promotion of arts, with members across the country. They play a dual role in promoting art by creating an opportunity for young artists to showcase their work, as well as increasing awareness in the general public about the art field. 

The idea behind HunarHat is to have a group of artists dedicated towards the promotion of arts, with members across the country. Thereby creating an opportunity for young artists to showcase their work, as well as increasing awareness in the general public about the art field.

It helps people to learn more in the area of art they have interest in and also helps in improving creativity, art and crafts by achieving their goals through learning, by understanding their circumstances and aspirations and helping them at every stage. Category of services that are provided in HunarHat are:

  • Academics
  • Repair and maintenance 
  • Food and Beverages
  • Health and wellness
  • Technology
  • Handicraft
  • Vocational
  • Home furnishing

Unique features of HunarHat 

HunarHat is a meeting point for students and course providers. It helps people to further their personal and professional development by helping them to find the right training.

They have a comprehensive directory where people can find the number of vocational educational courses. To further their initiative, for users find can’t find what they are looking for on their directory, people can call them, and HunarHat will make sure to find the required course for the user.

Additionally, to make it easier to decide, they give full information on all the courses listed: prices, dates and venues, delivery method, duration, reviews by former students, etc. and a comparison tool to help people to evaluate the options at a glance. People who require more information are put to contact with the service provider or the trainer to make it easier to understand.

What makes HunarHat different from other similar organisations?

The objective behind HunarHat was to help people who are having skill and creativity in them but are finding it difficult to connect with the right users.

People can compare from the different service provider and find the right one from themselves. The idea works in two ways:

  1. The service provider work as a trainer, i.e., can make a short lesson or note following with question or answer and can upload in his account. The trainer can also be provided with the option to upload his class by a video where he can deliver his skill or/and
  2. The service provider will be offered project in his or around his locality where he has to provide his service.

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