Is BJP going to take the revenge of this insult? What after ACB clean chit? Another CBI or ED case on Ajit Pawar?


Are we looking for a come-back of the BJP?

After a political turn of tables in the fascinating Maharashtra elections, the BJP has been embarrassed on a national level. They secretly arranged for swearing-in of Devendra Fadnavis, getting the approval of who is now called a BJP-run governor Koshiayri and the rubber stamp of the President has all resulted into nothing. Now what is of interest is what comes next. The majoritarian party is known for an act of vengeance filled come back to their personal and political rivals. Is it reasonable to assume that the Chanakya Niti masters are now running their horses behind the Pawars to implicate them into false cases of CID and ED, which has indeed been their classic move? This year we saw an exemplary show of power with the arrest and implication of the former finance minister P. Chidambaram in the INX Media case. It was all over the news that this is a BJP supported propaganda to take revenge of the arrest of the right hand of PM Modi- Amit Shah when Chidambaram assumed the office of the home minister. It has come close to standard with the BJP in power that the CID and ED chase their rivals as watch-dogs, implicating them in one case after another. With strength in the Centre is the BJP set to come back on the Pawars for the huge embarrassment they are facing before the country today?

After having gotten cleared the name of Ajit Pawar in the irrigation scam cases by the ACB in less than a day after he showed support and helped the BJP form a government in Maharashtra, is the BJP cooking new claims to be served to him? Maybe the BJP has been tricked, but the nation knows that they know how to roll out. It is a classic move of the BJP to tie their rivals from all ends, using every means it can. Now at the big akhada is the newly emerging veteran of politics, Sharad Pawar and the biggest political party of the nation.

Now will Ajit Pawar return home and take shelter in the politics of the NCP or will the watch-dogs of BJP catch him back in the game? With quite a lot of corruption cases to his name, it will be comparatively more comfortable for the BJP to throw cases at him in line with their classic move.

In maintaining their ‘honour and pride’ as tweeted by the former chief minister of Maharashtra, Fadnavis will the BJP turn bitter to Maharashtra? In a recent editorial by the Shiv Sena in their publication called the Saamana, it has urged the BJP-led central government to not take revenge on the poor farmers for not being able to return to power. It reads

“The people didn’t bring a BJP government in the state. We plead the Centre not to take revenge on farmers for this,”

What holds ahead is for time to decide, but, undoubtedly, the BJP will not take this end-game in Maharashtra in the right political spirit, displaying a dismayed show of power all over the place.

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