AreYouHealthy: Preventive Health Checkup Packages in India and USA


World is becoming technology driven where everything is becoming digital and people are switching to online market place rather than offline.

From buying clothes to buying medicine everything is just on our fingertips or a call away. Lately, the pharmacy sector has also joined the league of catering people at their door steps and offering a great deal of packages and discounts.

However, people were still required to visit the pharmacy center or doctors for getting routine checkup including the general and preventive check-up. This cause discomfort especially for the old-age people who find it difficult to go for regular check-ups. To avoid such issues and help people in every possible way to avoid the trouble of going for regular check-ups, AreYouHealthy was launched.

All you need to know about AreYouHealthy is an online preventive health checkup booking platform. They work with well-known laboratory chains in India and USA. Their services include cost effective blood test at home service.

From the list of many check-ups few of their preventive health checkups include:

  1. Liver Profile
  2. Lipid Profile
  3. Kidney Profile
  4. Pre-Marital test
  5. Obesity Profile
  6. Hypertension Profile
  7. Thalassemia Profile
  8. Hair Loss
  9. Bone Profile

And many more test are available at AreYouHealthy website.

Unique Features of AreYouHealthy

For getting THYROID check up or a full body checkup, AreYouHealthy will provide you service at your door step. They will collect the sample and delivery the reports to the clients within 48 to 72 hours. Process covers:

  1. On placing the request of the required test, sample collector will come to collect at the provided address in the booked time slot
  2. Please note, they don’t charge even a penny before the test is performed.
  3. Whatever the amount is to be paid, is to paid to the visiting sample collector.
  4. No hidden or extra charge exclusive of what is shown on the screen.

No hassle! AreYouHealthy will always be there. Just like they collected the samples from the residence, they will also send the paper report there itself on the request. Paper reports will cost Rs 75 Extra.

Else, in 48-72 hours the clients will receive an email in the provided email account wherein a detailed report will be provided regarding the concerned check-up.

To get a health check, people just have to make a call or a fill a form and the sample collector will be available at your door step.

List your Laboratory at AreYouHealthy

Not only do AreYouHealthy caters the need of people but helps the local laboratory, nursing home and other related center to go digital and get the right client.

You just have to fill a form to get your business listed on AreYouHealthy website.

For more details about AreYouHealthy, please visit: 

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