Is India The Most Overworking And Overburdened Country?


India produces the most considerable number of engineers and doctors in a year; it is a stat each one of us is aware of. The nation has hardworking people, from students, homemakers, government servants, labours to each one of us. We work hard each day to see ourselves as well as our country touch the heights we aspire.

Now, let us know that if we are the most hardworking set of people in the world? If given a choice to work for six days a week or five days a week. It is said that about 28% of people globally want to work for five days and get the same amount of payment to do so. Between the sample size of 7 countries, India turned out to be having 69% of people feeling that way and 43% of Mexicans.

There was also one study which was undertaken by Kronos Incorporated, which shows that one-third of the people who take the survey said they are ready to take a cut in their salary if it meant that they would only have to work for five days a week. But if India had to be taken into consideration, the hardworking people of Indian majority that is 43% of respondents were not ready to get the cut in their salary. They were ready to work for six days if it meant they would get their whole salary.

To comply with the facts, let us bring to your notice one more study which was undertaken by Arcadis in the five biggest and metropolis city of the nation: New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru. These are some of the worst places that let their people have a work-life balance. A report also backs the point by saying that 30% of the Indian respondents are having a significant problem in maintaining the balance between their businesses, jobs, family, personal life, life-partners, babies, parents and more.

While Indians being one of the most hardworking employees, they are also over-worked and pressurised to work with utmost honesty and hard work. The lower wage rate and more work is something which is most common in the nation of India. China is also on the list of the hardest working and over-burdened employees in the whole big wide world.

On the contrary, there are companies like that of Amazon (India) who want their employees to have a work-life balance. The senior Vice president of the company, Amit Agarwal, also states that employees of the company should not reply to the office e-mails between the hours of 6 pm to 8 am.

The living standard of the nation due to the hard work of the employees has taken a significant leap in the last five years. Hence overburdened or hardworking people are to be commended for the amount of work they do to make the country touch economic and developed heights.
According to the unemployment rate of India, more than 50% of the population is unemployed. It is after you have served your company for five years that you can start getting bonuses. Employees work twice as hard to prove their worth because, with the colossal population, there is always a replacement ready for their position.

Majority of the people don’t even know about their rights, they work for nine-hours, five to six days a week, get their salaries and hope for a promotion shortly. Can we hope for a better future?

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