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India is moving towards digitalization and everything is now one click away. From buying clothes to ordering foods, everything is now digital and this revolution came when technology was developing rapidly.

People in remote areas or in small district had to travel all the way to city for buying things. The major area of concern especially for the people living in the rural areas was; travelling frequently in search of good doctors, medical checkups, buying medicine, etc. because healthcare forms tops the priority list of every person.

To overcome the trouble of regular travel and spending a huge amount on healthcare, Dr Arvind Aggarwal developed a technology through which Consultants productivity can be increased 8 times.

Globalization of Heath Care

Dr Arvind Aggarwal, who has been working on developing “An IT based Global health care delivery system ” came up with the technology through which Consultants productivity can be increased 8 times.

His project was awarded “BEST PRESENTATION AWARD for outstanding work” by the World Academy of Science Engineering & technology, Tokyo, Japan in May, 2017. The main features of his technology are:

  • Enhance the productivity of the Consultant by approx. 8 times.
  • Consultant shall be able to see 8 times more virtual patients with better quality diagnosis.
  • This would help reduction in cost of consultation to 1/8th
  • With this technology, extra productivity shortage of doctors in the rural areas can be eliminated
  • Virtual consultant shall be used for export of healthcare services globally

Unique Feature of the Technology

The technology will have a socio-economic revolution and extra productivity can be used for exporting health care to other SAARC & European countries. This can make India as health capital of the world and generate so much of foreign exchange earnings that Indian can become a super Economy like China, which has become a Super economy by exporting merchandise.

It will help in making health care digital and affordable and it will be available for everyone, everywhere and at any time. Its main features are:

  1. Cloud-Based Healthcare System: It will have an exhaustive data of Surgeon, Consultants, patients, Robotic surgeons which can be retrieved on demand.
  2. Global Consultation System: The data of global consultants shall be on the cloud which will help to examine the patient remotely. The language translation system (Text speech translation) shall help global dialogue between the consultants, patient and doctors.

Extra patient examining capacity can be channelized to unserved rural areas where there is a paucity of doctors, without producing extra doctor.

  1. Telemedicine Centre: Telemedicine Centre shall have a complete diagnostic set of digital equipment interfaced with computers for capturing patient information in the audio-visual text format.
  1. Tele-Surgical Centre: The system has the surgical operation system too, where a remote robotic consultant can conduct surgery at the robotic surgical centre.
  1. Online Pharmacy: Medicine delivered by drones, thus reducing the cost further.
  2. Online Payment: An automatic payment collection & disbursement system.

From Patients to Doctors, Pharmaceutical Industry to government every one would be benefiting with this IT- based Global Healthcare System.

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