Shine Herbals: Helps to Regrow Your Hair

Shine Herbal

Almost 75% of us from all age group have the complaint of hair fall and bald patches. This issue has become common for people even in the early 20s, and the reasons are many.

Young ladies are complaining about hair fall and running to different Dermatologist for finding an immediate solution for it. Doctors often prescribe medicine, which may or may not have a positive effect on the hair.

Reason for hair fall are many, and some of the emerging issues are:

  • Hormones are changing
  • Too much of stress
  • Deficiency of particular vitamin or proteins
  • Hereditary

Hence, to help women to overcome the problem of hair fall Neelima Thakur came up with her idea and well-prepared products to control hair fall.

The mission behind launching Shine Herbals

It’s to see all the ladies happy with a satisfied smile after regaining their hair full of beauty, softness, shining and thick black looks. To reach her objective, Neelima Thakur came up with her Shine Herbals products. 

Her products are already in the market and received the response of 4000+ customers who have praised her for the hair oil’s magical effects. She believes that her products will be giving satisfaction to my customers, and it is a gift to all the woman who loves hair their best asset.

All you need to know about Shine Herbal

Shine herbal started with an experiment by the founder Neelima Thakur, who on one beautiful day prepared a mix of natural oils. She wanted to find a remedy to hair related issues and sent her final product to one of her friends who had a positive response to it.

After that, she opened the page and started to add more strength to her products. She uses hair, friendly herbs that will help in solving multiple hair problems. This includes:

  1. Neem
  2. Fenugreek
  3. Henna
  4. Hibiscus
  5. Curry Leaves
  6. Amla

and many more of such herbs that are good for hair and will control hair fall and regain shine and strength.

In just four years, Shine Herbal has made more than 4000 happy customers and added almost 14 products in the list.

Products available with Shine Herbal

Shine Herbal products have been able to give a positive response to the majority of its customers. From hair fall to hair patches, it has all the products to help you regain your shine and beauty. It has a variety of products, which includes:

*Shine Herbals Oils Range*

  1. Regrowth Oil
  2. Regrowth Oil Men
  3. Daily Care Oil (Prevents and reverses greying in growing children)
  4. Hair Tonic (for kids especially)
  5. Eye Brows Oil
  6. Beard Growth Oil
  7. Lice & Nits Removal Oil

*Shine Personal Care*

  1. Face Pack
  2. Face & Body Scrub
  3. Herbal Shampoo
  4. Ayurvedic Shampoo
  5. Hair Wash Powder
  6. Hair Pack
  7. Baby Soap

Shine Herbal, Regrowth oil has seen a lot of praise and positive response. It helps in regrowth even on the area of the hairless head. It has six natural hair oil and herbal extract that helps in bringing the shine back, re-grow hair, increase the volume of hair and grows hair on the year-long hairless areas in just 3 to 4 months.

For more details about Shine Herbal, visit their Facebook page:

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