The inspiring youth of India is ready to take the lead- How’s the Josh?

Youth of India

 “If the deaf is to hear, the sound has to be very loud,” Bhagat Singh had said. This is what the youth of India is trying to prove.

The fee hike yarn in Jawahar Lal University or JNU on November 11 created havoc among the students, and later the rollback step taken by the administration to calm them down didn’t work well. The beating of a visually-impaired student added fuel to the fire. It has been 30 days, the shouting of slogans, dharnas, and raising banners is in full-on mode. They confronted the police, broke the barricades and vandalized the statue of Vivekananda which was placed on the campus. They are not even ready to listen to anything except the cancellation of hikes. They even called the recommendations made by authorities as an insult to the education system.

See the aggression in our youngsters.

Recently to keep the protest heated, the students of JNU along with other colleges such as All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Indian Institute of Technology, Jamia MIlia Islamia, Delhi University and Ambedkar University formed a Human Chain around Central Park in the inner circle area of Connaught Place in Delhi. The students were carrying banners with messages like ‘oppose new education policy 2019’, Fee must Fall’ etc. They even want this day to be remembered as National protest day. The protesters, including members of civil society, JNU alumna and students with other people, joined the protest.

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Isn’t it show the strong unity factor in our youth? This is where our politicians lack.

The voice of Indian youth has not restricted to India but has become an inspiration for neighbouring countries like Pakistan. After the JNU protest, the students in Pakistan poured over on streets in protest against the fee hike, budget cuts and massive cases of harassment. They call this protest as ‘Student Solidarity March’ organized by the Lahore-based Progressive Students’ Federation (PRSF). It will be held on Friday at over 50 locations across Pakistan.

Possible reason for fee hike

The sudden decision of authorities is quite shocking, and whatever the reason behind it has to be more astonishing as even after the students got beaten, they shouted slogans, vandalized statues and marched on roads but authorities are not paying heed at all. It can be a conspiracy to shut down JNU and create a new way for extra revenue. As everyone knows that government college is not a good source of income, but private colleges are. There must be some college of a big fat brand in the pipeline, and this fee hike is to increase the number of admissions in upcoming colleges.

Importance of education

Our government should leave the raw greed and should understand that education in India is already so expensive and is beyond the reach of millions of students. Government colleges like JNU are the only ray of hope in the life of the poor. Instead of spending lavishly on renovating the capital, making statues and much more, make education free for everyone. This illiteracy is a disease which if not stopped, can spoil the whole country.

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Another side of the coin which should not be neglected is this fee hike issue indeed has created Josh in Indian youth which is not wrong but if not handled properly can lead to any mishap.

Whatever is happening, one thing is clear-Unity is a strength. Our youth is getting ready to lead the country with unity. I hope our politicians will also learn from them and instead of fighting like cat-dogs will try to do something better together.     


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