How To Get Over Writer’s Block With 5 Hacks!

Writer's block

If you love writing, even as a hobby, more often then not, you will find yourself blank and lost in thoughts. In your mind, everything may sound perfect, but, as soon as you start jotting them down, same thoughts become dull and uninspiring. This pause, in turn, adds pressure that further stops us from thinking. The change of perspective, just at the cusp of writing, is known as Writer’s Block. So, for those days when writing even a single line sounds like a dreary task, here are a few hacks that you could use to break through the mental-block:

1. Record Then Write

While writing, one has to stop and think about what they intend to write in that particular line or paragraph. This exact process makes writing seem tricky, especially on days when one can’t focus. To overcome the loss of ideas, what you could do is ‘record’ your thoughts on any app of your phone. That’s it! Once you have taped all your thoughts, you could use these recordings to type words out.

2. Set A Time Limit

Have you ever wondered that, when a piece that you have to submit a week later takes more writing time to write than the one that you had to post on an urgent basis? Set a time bracket for writing a blog and try to complete it within that limit. As one knows in mind that a submission needs to be done at so and so time, your brain will automatically respond to the process by giving you a laser-sharp focus and faster-thinking speed.

3. Finish The End First

Writer’s block leads us to waste time without providing a concrete result at the end. The primary reason behind why we could not write on some days is because we are trying to form flow in our mind. The possibilities in which a blog could move ahead overwhelm a writer’s mind. Therefore, on such days, it is better to finalize the end first. What conclusion do you want to give to your readers? The opposite approach will provide you with a rough idea about the central points that you might want to cover in the post.

4. Break it Off!

Taking breaks seems counter-intuitive when you have a deadline to meet. But, it proves more productive than you might have figured. Taking short breaks, mainly when you can not concentrate on the blog is an effective way to get over a mental block and get things done on time.

5. Write, write, write. Edit Later!

Always start by writing the first thing that comes to your mind and keep on writing. Random thoughts are your worst enemy. Distractions may keep cropping up as you write. The one thing you need to ensure is that you do not stop writing. You can decide on other things like tone, right words, and arrangement later. Editing in between writing takes up a lot of time, and you have to go back and think about what you were writing. Seriously!

We hope that by the end of this post, you would have picked up some great tips to tweak your writing speed and productivity.

Happy Writing!

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