OMBIKA: Simplifying the business of Start-ups


In the last 10 years, India has witnessed a seven-fold rise in Start-ups. Before the government came up with different schemes and relaxation for the start-ups and entrepreneurs, people were hesitant to open their own business as there was a risk of loss, a lot of procedural requirements, compliance with various laws and regulations, getting the company registered, etc.

Taxation and pre-deposit were one of the significant issues; however, now the government has given a relation to start-ups and entrepreneurs to allow ease of doing business in India. The problem did not settle here as other than procedural requirements that are many other developments that society is witnessing, and one such is the shift to Digitalization.

The business has to run according to the need and demands of society. Majority of the people have shifted to Digitalization and prefer buying things online, rather than wasting time and energy in searching for items offline.

This shift has forced the start-ups and entrepreneurs and other retailers to go Digital and serve their customers. These start-ups and entrepreneurs start with a small team and have a lot of work pressure, which makes it challenging to manage all the segment of the business. Hence, to help them in finance and make it simple and easy to put in force the idea, OMBIKA was launched.

What is OMBIKA?

OMBIKA E-Commerce Services Private Limited is one of the Leading Indian E-commerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website that serves as a saviour to buyers and sellers. It is one of the trusted platforms for online shopping, and their objective is to avoid the hassle of door-to-door services and street shopping. Their slogan is हर भारतीय का अपना marketplace

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OMBIKA welcomes sellers to its platform, which is an add-on for the new start-ups and entrepreneurs who are struggling after investing their funds in purchasing the stocks reference to their business categories and unable to sell/clear their stock. So, for that new start-ups & entrepreneurs OMBIKA is the helping hands; who helps them in their growth by selling/clearance of their stock. This would cut down their expenses and many other procedural requirements. That is the answer of question “Why young start-ups and entrepreneurs opt for marketplaces”? 

What are the benefits of opting for the marketplace?

OMBIKA is one of the most trusted marketplaces for the sellers and welcomes the sellers from all India to be part of online shopping. OMBIKA wants to bring a change in the old traditional way of selling products and services, that’s why it wants to provide a platform to all the sellers across the country to update their working style and get connected to their customers online.

Benefits if selling products in a marketplace are: 

  1. No issues for courier/logistic services plus better pricing: Selling a product in a marketplace will help the beginners and other entrepreneurs to forget about the issue of fast and better delivery and other courier related issues as any loss during transit would make the marketplace liable. All billings and a similar problem will be avoided.
  2. No issues with payment gateways: Tie-up with banks, looking for schemes, taxation, compliance with rules and regulation will be avoided. Marketplace will already have a tie-up with a different bank, any issue in payment, Cashback will be looked after by them.
  3. No issues of trust: OMBIKA provides 100% safe and secure payment and selling option. No fraud or deceive in the platform. Buyers and sellers both are guaranteed 100% security with OMBIKA.
  4. Multiple listings and competitors: It will help your business to grow and learn. Start-ups and entrepreneurswill have easy access to the market status and their competitors. Learning about how the company is to be run, what discounts to give, what offers to provide will become easy.
  5. Better support, better packaging, nationwide delivery: OMBIKA is a leading E-commerce platform with guaranteed delivery and safety. Both buyers and sellers are given 100% satisfaction. 24*7 customers support, easy payment options and safe and secure timely delivery.
  6. Trusted buyers, no problems with returns and payments issues. No chargeback issues: Sellers have just to list their product in the marketplace; it will then be upon OMBIKA to provide easy sales and returns to trusted buyers.
  7. High traffic leading to better sales: One of the essential things about opting for a marketplace is that they already have heavy traffic of many buyers visiting the platform daily. These buyers have built a trust and are assured of the quality of products that are listed in the marketplace, including OMBIKA that provides a wide range of products to the customers. The existing customers are aware of the benefits of shopping at these platforms, such as: 
  • Wide range of discount
  • Transparency
  • As per the terms of different retailers, Free-home delivery
  • Option of choosing cash on delivery
  • Buyers review about the product
  • Seller verification
  • Choice of Credit
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OMBIKA is not just a business venture but also bring forth the social reform of giving 5% of the profit to the poor people, which makes them a unique marketplace for the customers.

Hence, option for the marketplace will make it easy and simple for the start-ups and entrepreneurs in their finance and profit-making. An already set-up online platform will help the new start-ups to focus more on marketing, team-strength, etc. OMBIKA will help to make the process easy and convenient.

For more details about OMBIKA, a marketplace: 


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