Price hike in Onion will make you laugh

Onion Price

If you are an onion lover, then take care of your love as it has become a sensation now. Somewhere it has replaced flowers and become a garland of people’s neck, somewhere it has become a target of robbers. In short, it has become a sensation now.

The price of onions has crossed Rs 100 reaching till rs 120 in some states which have made it difficult within reach of a massive number of people. Although it is a matter of worry, a few incidents will surely make you laugh.


Akshay Das, a shopkeeper in Sutaha in West Bengal was left stunned to see all his cash at the place when his shop got robbed on Tuesday. Yes, all the cash was there, and thieves stole onions worth rs 50,000. Speaking to news agency IANS, Akshay Das said, “They didn’t take a single paisa from the cash box.” Isn’t it onionastic?

Another incident of onion robbery took place when businessman Premchand Shukla sent onion worth Rs 20 lakh from Nashik in Maharashtra to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. But nobody imagined that onions would be robbed in between. After the incident, Prem Chand Shukla reached the police station of Shivpuri from where the driver belongs. The truck was recovered without onions. The driver is on a run while the business filed a complaint against the transporter. Well, that was some kind of filmy robbery.

Another incident says 250 kgs of onions were stolen worth rs 25,000 were stolen from a shop Palanpur Patiya area in Gujarat’s Surat. The vegetable vendor told this to the news agency that this has happened for the first time.

Onion replaced by flowers

Another incident where RJD MLA was seen wearing a garland of onion on Wednesday at the Bihar Assembly in Patna. This was to bring attention to the rising price of onion. While speaking to a reporter, he blamed Nitish Kumar’s government for this. He further added he is waiting to see the stalls as the chief minister claimed to have set up booths where onion will be sold at Rs 35 per kg.

A similar case happened in Assam assembly when not one but the complete opposition Congress was seen wearing garlands of onion blaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the price hike. The MLAs also raised slogans against BJP led Assam Government.

Onion-reason for violence

Two women in Uttar Pradesh got into an argument after one rebuked another for the financial conditions to buy onions. This argument later turned into a full-fledged fight which later more women joined, and things got worse, and five of them had to admit to the hospital.

Surely Onion is going to be the most searched topic in Google in India.

 Jokes apart, this is all due to unseasonal rainfall in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Telangana. Farmers are not able to harvest their fields submerged underwater boosting the prices, making it difficult for many onion lovers to consume. 

I hope this onion crisis will soon come to an end bringing back the prices to normal.

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