Unpleasant surprise: Sex Might Make You Sick!


Have your sex educators ever warned you against the possibility of developing some sneaky health issues even if you use a condom? This article will elucidate some of the ways sex might make you sick.

Sex headaches 

According to Everyday Health, a headache with sexual activity (HSA) is diagnosed as a headache which occurs during or before sex, at the time of an orgasm or right after sex. It can be in the form of anything, be it migraine to a pain in the back of the head (Occipital lobe). According to a survey by the American Headache Society, one in every 100 people suffer from headaches after or during sex. This case is more frequent amongst men as compared to women. In rare cases, headaches related to sex could also be signs of serious medical condition. If the pain continues to persist, you must consult a doctor.  

Post-sex depression 

Sex is considered to be the ultimate mood-booster. But have you ever felt low or depressed after spending a good night with your partner? If this is the case, you could be a victim of Post-Coital Tristesse (PCT), or feeling of melancholy after an orgasm. It is still unclear whether the post-sex blues are due to the chemical or psychological reasons. For now, try diverting your mind towards something new you like to do in bed as a way to distract from any kind of depressing feelings. 

Semen allergy 

Yes, it is true, you could be allergic to your partner’s semen. If you have experienced a fever, extreme fatigue, runny nose or upset stomach, you might be a victim of post-orgasmic illness syndrome. This happens when your body identifies the proteins in your partner’s semen as unwanted invaders and your immune system goes haywire. If you are concerned, have a word with an allergist or immunologist.  

It is around 25 to 50 percent more than any other time of the day. This is because of the fact that the pituitary gland which governs the production of the sex hormones in males switches on in the morning and by the time it is morning, the levels are already raised. For women, it is vice versa, a very little sex hormone generates in the morning for them.


In very rare cases, sex can cause short-term amnesia. Some examples of this bizarre memory loss are documented in The Journal of Emergency Medicine. In such cases, patients went through transient global amnesia, a rare condition in which memory quickly but temporarily vanishes. In the brighter light, researchers are confident that this type of memory loss is not associated with a stroke or brain damage.  

But, at the same time these buzzing buddies do intimidate men. They think that with a sex toy at their disposal, women won’t be needing men anymore. Well, the men folk aren’t entirely wrong at feeling threatened by gadgets which comes in all sizes, textures, shapes and color. However, are men that easily replaceable, that too by a battery operated device?

Fever after sex 

There are chances of having a fever after intercourse but there is no disease like this and the weakness after sex is usually a desire to relax as you get drained after the physical activity. If however, the fever persists, you must consult a physician.

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