Many factories in the Anaaj Mandi, in which children are also employed; The stairs are so narrow that two people cannot get together


Swarnim Times explores the building 150 meters away from the grain factory in which the fire broke out

8-10 machines in a room, laborers eat and sleep there after 15-15 hours of work

People are working in a dangerous situation in many buildings around the Anaaj Mandi building in which 43 lives ended due to the fire on Sunday. Swarnim Times investigated in one such building about 150 meters away from where the fire occurred. It was clear from the situation that even a small accident can be the cause of big loss here. Children are also among those working in these factories.

Workers also risk their lives to raise a family
When the Swarnim Times interacted with the workers working in the building, it was found that most of the people are those who have negligible education. Whatever work they get, they do it to make a living. There is little security in the factory operating in the buildings. The situation is dangerous, in the event of an accident, it is certain to die. But, the families working here risk their lives to raise.

6 people work in a room, live there
There were narrow staircases to get to the first floor of the building and there two men could not pass together. It was dark even in the day. When we reached the second floor, there was a small room. Sudan (22), a young man standing here, was watching the crowd in the street in front. Sudan hails from Madhubani in Bihar. He told that in this room 6 people make bags used at the jewelery shop and all live in this room.

15 hours a day work, wages are decided only by work
Sudan said that he is the father of a child. Has been working and living in Delhi for 8 years. Work is done in a one-room factory from 9 am to 12 pm. A person named Alam gets these people to work and pays 5 rupees for every bag. A man makes 70-80 bags a day.

Saddam Hussein (20), who lives in Madhubani, told us that if we do not work then what will we eat, how will the family run? Saddam is survived by a father, five brothers and a sister. Saddam, the youngest, has been living in Delhi for 2 years and sends most of his earnings home.

Factories operating in rooms all over the area
After this we went to the third floor. Here too 8-10 machines were installed inside a room. Saddam and Sudan reported that Sunday was a holiday. The work is done here in the same way as in the room on the second floor. We headed towards the terrace, but there was a lock on the door. When we came down, a person asked us to go out of the building and closed the gate as soon as we left. When we inquired from outside, it was found that the number of factories running in such rooms is very high. People work in the same room, cook there and sleep there.

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